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For more than 20 years, Andre Abouzeid has been helping

people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling

breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. His motivational story of

rising from a FedEx delivery Boy, to a self-made Entrepreneur

will inspire you to want to change your life.

Andre’s Philosophy: “In Every challenge there is an

Opportunity”, has been adopted as his believe now, that had

derived from facing many challenges during the times he has

taken the big decision leaving his safe secure Job with a big

corporation back in year 2000. As well as from facing challenges

back in 2003 running his own business and getting his new

venture out from almost bankruptcy to rising up again for the

second time for becoming a successful multinational expanding


Andre has been helping people become successful in Network

marketing; he built an Organization of over 8 Million Independent

Business Owners out of 38 different countries. He is still helping

people in his network and building as a means of contributing to

those willing to change their lives, to those willing to work hard

and do whatever it take to reach their goals.

He has created many Entrepreneurship and Wealth Building

Resources on Network Marketing, Direct Selling,

Entrepreneurship and Investments, that helps you and your

people overcome challenges he has been through, helping you

avoiding the painful mistakes he had undergone and learn

valuable lessons from taking high risks and from being down to

rising up by turning challenges into victories.

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