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I want to share with you some of my favourite quotes from my new book; “Street Smart Network Building”, that I’m putting together for supporting my team members, especially new ones, since It’s not possible to reach everyone in my organization on A one on one anymore. Here are the articles:
  1. The best way to train new business associates is to get them doing the core tasks as quickly as possible.
  2. Be patient: Don’t judge your business by what happens your first few months, or even your first year. Consider your first year as a learning experience.
  3. In the beginning, you work hard and have small results. A few years from now, you could be earning an amazing income without having to do much work at all.
  4. Success is network marketing is about doing things that can be teachable and implemented by large number of people consistently (Power of Duplication).
  5. Network Marketing is a team building and Team work business. That’s why it’s called Network Marketing. Because you have to network consistently building relationships, interacting through a Network of people, dealing with different type of people, and consistently building others. No matter how much you can do yourself, a team of people can do more.
  6. Successful Networkers are consistent.
  7. It’s better to build the business daily because the work becomes a habit. Like having three meals a day.
  8. Don’t talk to any prospects until you have gone through the basic training. This is important. You need to learn what to do when you approach people.
  9. Don’t wait until you know everything first to get started. Get Basic training first as soon as you get involved, then keep on educating yourself alongside while you are doing the business in the field, Never Give up. Example: Driving, Swimming. Did you wait until you’ve learned everything about driving until you’ve driven the car?
Did you wait until you read everything about Swimming from the book before you jump in the water?
10. In network marketing, Facts only tells (Logic) , Stories Sells (Emotions). Stories inspire people to act. People act on emotions.
11. The most important story to share is your own. If you don’t have an inspiring story yet Tell stories of your support line leaders, and stories of others in the business.
12. As a new business partner, one of the first things you should do (and ask your new partners to do) is to schedule your appointment book, on a calendar.
13. Your top priority is direct Sponsoring and helping your people to Sponsor; Recruiting is the main core activity. This is what generates income and builds your business. Invitation , Presentation, Follow up; for Directs and for your People you are supporting.
14. The second key to a fast start is having a sense of urgency about your business. If you want to make things happen quickly, RUN, don’t walk. Don’t wait until you’re ready, do it now.
15. Talk to as many people as you can, as quickly as you can.
16. The best way to contact people is over the phone.
17. Everyone can use a prepared slides presentation, with videos and pictures as a reference , hand out a DVD, or send a WhatsApp link, YouTube video to a prospect . Not everyone can do a full presentation using just a notepad . Use tools, its more duplicable.
18. Most people don’t sign up the first time they see some information. That’s normal. Some will do it now, some will do it later, and some even will do it after many years, and some will do it never. Think like a farmer Planting many seeds, then harvesting few quality plants.
19. Don’t lead with products, lead with the business opportunity and product sales will follow.
20. Let the tools do the talking for you, when it comes to specifications of products, during trainings or of more product info required.
21. If you’re not sure if someone is interested, ask them: “What did you like Best?”
22. When someone tells you no they are providing you with an opportunity to develop and improve your skills.
23. Your number one objective with a new business partner is to help them recruit their first partners.
24. Network marketing is an event driven business.
25. One of the most valuable skills in network marketing is the skill of promoting.
26. Continually look for reasons to recognize your partners doing something right. Praise and recognition are motivational tools.
27. Every successful network marketing business is built through the leadership of a relative small number of business partners. You don’t need to find or develop hundreds of leaders. You only need a few.
28. When you see someone in your organization who is working the business without depending on you, you know you have a leader.
29. Wherever you find them (leaders), stay close to them, help them, encourage them, but don’t get in their way.
30. Most business associates (partners) aren’t leaders. But every one in your organization can lead you to leaders.
31. You never know who will become a leader or lead you to one.
32. Stay in touch with your product only customers and inactive Independent business associates.
33. Become the person you want to attract.
34. Recruiting is the key to building a big network marketing business
35. How do you recruit more business partners? You talk to more prospects.
36. You don’t have to be good to be a good recruiter. Talk to more people.
37. When everyone else is approaching one or two people, go talk to ten.
38. Quantity will lead to quality.
39. Recruit professionals and business owners and salespeople. Recruit the sharpest, most successful people you can find.
40. The best recruiters and biggest income earners in network marketing make personal development a priority for themselves and their teams.
41. To recruit more Business associates you need to keep your pipeline of prospects full.
42. It has been said that when you sign up a new business partner, 80% of their training is done. They saw how you approached them. They heard what you said. They watched what you did to recruit them and that’s how they believe the business is done.
43. Model the behaviour you want to duplicate.
44. Even when you follow the system consistently, even though you show your team the right way to build a business, not everyone will follow suit.
45. As your team gets bigger, you can’t give everyone the same amount of your time. Invest most of your time working with the ones who commit to following the system.
46. Every network marketing organization has Drop Outs.
47. Don’t stop recruiting Direct Business partners into your organisation. Don’t stop working with your downline leaders. Don’t stop building your business until you are truly ready to retire or move onto something else.
48. Network marketing is a numbers game in the beginning until you become better and better over time in mastering the skills.
49. If you’re doing everything right, but not seeing the results you want, you’ve got to increase your numbers.
50. By far, the biggest reason Business associates struggle is lack of belief. Not doing it right. Not doing it enough.
51. Whatever you do, don’t compare yourself to others.
52. Many Business partners who struggle have unreasonable expectations about how long it will take to become successful.
53. Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in five years.
To Your Success,
Warmest Regards,
Andre Abouzeid