Asking Qualifying questions before you present your opportunity

You have exposed your prospect to the information, during the invite process, you sent him a link to a prospecting video and he is interested, or you’ve probably done the invite to a one on one presentation, what’s next?

Most new people in the business skip this important process, of building rapport and Qualification. They start their presentation and keep on talking on their prospects without first knowing exactly what they are looking for, like a doctor who prescribes the same medicine to all his patients. That’s an amateur behaviour.

  • A professional Qualify first before he presents.
  • Qualification is a very important process that has to be done first. Its probing with questions to identify what the prospects needs.

One way to simplify this process is through NEADS analysis.

These are the Qualifying Questions you need to ask before starting your presentation 


  1. N: now 
  2. E: enjoy
  3. A: alter
  4. D: decision maker
  5. S: solution 

N: stands for now , what’s your Current situation:

Example: What do you do for living?

E: stand for Enjoy . What do you Like about it , enjoy :

Example: Thats great, what do you the most about your Job? Or your business?

Take notes. act like a consultant

A: stands for alter or change. What do you like to Change. If you would decide to stop working, what would be the monthly income that you need to make to support your current finances?

Take notes.

If you consider to start your own business, what amount of monthly income you would want to make to say it’s worth my time and efforts for the next 2 to 5 years ?

Take notes.

D: stands for Decision. In case you want to move forward with our business. Is there any other person we need to talk to who will make a financial decision? If he/she cannot make a decision. Stop the presentation and contact together the decision maker, book the appointment, show the video and present the plan. 

S: present your solution (business opportunity) Solution motivation to take action 

In the next articles I will discuss in little more details.

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid