Avoid Getting trapped into Managing your Organization

  • Managing an organization is a time-wasting practice that does for others what they should be doing for themselves, thereby creating codependency.
  • Supporting the members of your group means being there for them when they call to ask for guidance, moral support, or request that you talk to one of their serious prospects.
  • Managing organizations for our families and friends often causes the very people we love most to fail.
  • Practicing a management mode is counterproductive for both those being managed and those doing the managing.
  • Don’t be offended—be Glad—when new recruits finish their training and go to work without calling you every day and asking you to do everything for them.
  • In this business, everyone has the ability to do great things, but those who lean on their uplines for every single thing are usually the ones who fail.
  • What makes our industry so much grander than traditional employment opportunities is the fact that we are compensated ethically and generously for our productivity.
  • If new associates want to earn more than the leader above them, they just need to be more productive, i.e., recruit more active frontline associates than do their uplines.
  • If you become frustrated because your associates are not successful, teach them to visualize the end result and direct most of your energy toward those who do.
  • Because this is a business of duplication, your people will do what you do: If you manage your downline, so will they; if you spend most of your time prospecting and recruiting, so will they.
  • Baby-sitting a downline is not an effective way to build a business.
  • The key to successfully building a large, dynamic organization is to steadily continue to prospect and recruit, creating a wide directs in your lines.
  • Don’t make the mistake that results in nearly 50 percent of the failures in our industry: building your front line for the first few months, then stopping to manage your people.
  • Merely overseeing the activities of your organization is not leading them, but rather misleading them into making them weaker and won’t last for long.
  • Set your sights on the goal, consistently meet the steps outlined in your business plan, and don’t make excuses—whatever it takes, just do it!
  • Network marketing is a business of Independant Business Owners building their own front lines and teaching their people to duplicate that process.
  • If each network marketer builds his own front line, following the advice “Get Your Directs Fast,” the depth will take care of itself, and the cream will always rise to the top.
  • Be there for your downline to render moral support, coaching, and assistance in closing their prospects, but don’t try to do for them what they must do for themselves.
  • Success comes to people with leadership skills, a sound vision, enthusiasm, and the willingness to put forth the effort to build an organization and find others who will do the same.

To your Success,


Andre Abouzeid