Building a Large and Productive Team

The game has changed in our industry, what haven’t changed is that we develop people.

We teach life transforming skills.

 Today I’m going to share with you how to build a large and productive team and that’s come with leadership. And leadership sounds intimidating.

What I found in 19 years working with different types of people failing back in times, that you don’t have to try something that already has been done,

Just find something that has been done successfully and duplicate the result.

So lets talk about the five levels of leadership, taken from John Maxwell book, and elaborated more here to fit our business model.

1st level: Position Level:

It’s only based on a title that someone has in order lead.

In the position level people follow you because they have to.

If you are a father your title for your kids is like a dad to themIf you have a position in your company such as VP, manager, grand upline, you have to follow me. 

That’s not leading, that’s management, That’s bossing.

In positional leadership, people only follow you because they have to, not because they want to. 

That’s why positional leaders find themselves hard to lead young professionals, or highly educated professionals. 

Its hard for them to lead a voluntary army, like what we have here in this industry of direct selling, in Qnet. We are all voluntary army, we are not employees, and don’t like to be treated as employees. 

So the position has nothing to do with the quality of the leader.

You can have someone who has a high position but he is poor leader, and someone who has no position but he is a great leader.

So people want to like you not just because of your title, which brings us to the second level of leadership. 

2nd level: The permission Level:

In the permission level, they follow you because they want to. Its solely based on relationship. In this level the more people they like you, the more they want to follow you. 

You have to use different level with different people. You cant use the permission level with someone you don’t have a relationship with. He might get offended. 

Example: My position as a grand upline Diamond star, dealing with Dr M vs. dealing with someone I don’t have a relationship with. 

Because , Dr M and me have a trespass. We have a relationship, he can accept my critics, or things I say to him and not feel offended, because he knows I have his best interest in heart.

In the 1st level you will not get masses to follow you until you get to level 2, building relationships. 

You ask your team mate how is your family, your kids? Before you ask, how many people are coming to the event.

You’ve got to build relationship first, they have to like you, then they will follow you. 

The danger of these levels is that many of us stop implementing them if  its working. You have to duplicate them.

This is not like steps. You don’t have to follow level by level in the exact sequence, but don’t leave one. 

Because if you leave one, your leadership is less effective.

3rd level: The Production Level:

The leader now has followers who are willing to follow because of the results that he have contributed to the organization. Now people wants to follow you because of the results that you helped the organization to get.

Good leaders build relationships.

Great leaders give results with relationships they build.  They add value to the organization. 

Here is where we start to gain influence, credibility, results, new success stories in your team, not just old stories. 

People like to hear new success stories, not old stories. 

If I don’t have a fresh story, I don’t have fresh business, I’m pretending. 

As an influential leader, I shouldn’t only ask who is the 6 figure earner, I should ask who made $500 last month, who made his first step $225, who are the new gold stars. 

We need to celebrate the small successes in our team, not only the big ones. 

We need to recognize people on stage even the ones who made small achievements. 

If you don’t celebrate small results, people will quit, because they think they failed. 

Celebrate all Success small and big, Yes?!

Celebrate the small wins the same way you celebrate the big ones. when it comes to verbal recognitions.

Bring people’s morale and self-confidence up if they talk down about themselves.

Example; your team member tells you I’ve only got one sign up this month. Shift their thinking from being down, to that they have achieved something and encourage them to do more. 

Man, That’s great that you’ve tried hard and got one. Congratulations keep going on you are doing great.

4th level: People Development:

Investing in your people. This takes time and commitment, It takes sacrifice. 

This is when people follow you because you have invested in them. 

To become highly influential and successful in this industry, its not about me as a leader, its not about you as a leader, its about them(our people) and what we do, when we invest in them.

Its goanna take some time, its not an overnight success, because you are investing in them. 

Example: If you do X, I will pay ½ for the event ticket.

If you do x I will support you with accommodation. 

It shows something to them that you do, that ordinary people don’t do. 

It’s called people development. In this level the conversation that you have with your team change, because now you are able to duplicate this, People development level.

They know that you have no personal agenda.

Because you have invested in them. That’s how loyalty happens.

You want to create an environment where people have to join and hard to leave.

The last level:

5th level: The Pinnacle Level:

In this level people follow you because of who you know, who you represent, what you represent.

Let’s say that your reputation precedes you when you walk in the door. You become like an icon, or a recognized professional in your field. A Guru like. 

In this level you can either destroy people or lift them up.

Build upon levels the soon you have the position.  

I keep the position with me until I get the permission, then I go to production, but I maintain the permission, which is the relationship, because if you skip that level it will show that you don’t care about me. 

Use different levels with different people.  You cant treat everybody the same way. For example you can’t say you are a superstar to everybody.

I can’t say the same thing that I said to this person, because I will sound dishonest.


What level of leadership are you on?!? 

  • True leadership isn’t about having a certain job, title, or position.
  • True leadership is about investing in people, building relationships, and inspiring them.
  • True leadership is about achieving results and building a team—a team that produces.
  • True leadership is about helping people develop their own skills to become leaders themselves.
  • True leaders who have skill and dedication can reach the pinnacle of leadership—extending their influence for the benefit of others, creating true leaders following behind. 

John C. Maxwell’s 5 Levels of Leadership are:

1. Position – People follow be-cause they have to. 

2. Permission – People follow because they want to.

3. Production – People follow because of what you have done for the organization.

4. People Development – People follow because of what you have done for them personally.

5. Pinnacle – People follow be-cause of who you are and what you represent. 

  • Make sure you never leave a level
  • Use different level with different people in the organization
  • Always walk yourself along the way

  1. You can move up a level but you never leave the previous one behind 
  2. You are not on the same level with every person 
  3. The higher you go, the easier it is to lead 
  4. The higher you go, the more time and commit-ment is required to win a level 
  5. Moving up levels occurs slowly, but going down can happen quickly 
  6. The higher you go, the greater the return 
  7. Moving farther up always requires further growth 
  8. Not climbing the levels limits you and your peo-ple 
  9. When you change posi-tions or organizations, you seldom stay at the same level 
  10. You cannot climb the levels alone 

 I am so excited for you, seeing you implementing these levels in your organization, and seeing the ones that you need to implement or change. 

Teach this in your organization.

God Bless you all

See you at the top

Author: achiever_admin

Andre Abouzeid is an entrepreneur, direct-selling professional, real estate investor, trainer, and author. His motivational story of rising from an employee earning a minimum wage to a self-made entrepreneur will inspire you to want to change your life. For more than 20 years, Andre Abouzeid has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Andre has been helping people become successful and built an organization of over 8 Million distributors and Independent Business Owners globally. He also created a huge mixed portfolio of real estate investment properties: Residential and Commercial in different countries. He has created Entrepreneurship and Wealth Building Resources on Direct Selling, Entrepreneurship and Investments, that helps you and your people overcome challenges he has been through, helping you avoid the painful mistakes he had undergone and learn valuable lessons from taking high risks and from being down, into rising up by turning challenges into victories.