Building your Internal Wealth First

André Abouzeid

As this Corona chaos going on, and I am not having the privilege meeting most of you in person, I wanted to make better use of my time to add value to you, and hopefully I can contribute in a good way in providing you with information that will be beneficial to what you to set you and your team on the right foundation.

Congratulations of taking the first steps of towards greatness. I want to congratulate you for being the person of action, and the person who is looking for change. 

If you are that person who is ready to run a diagnosis on yourself, you might be not satisfied at all with your current results or condition.  Or you might want to improve your status, whichever it is, this program is right for you. 

This program is taking what is going inside your mind (Your Inner world) and translates it into tangible wealth in the (external world). 

It’s so essential to start with this step before moving on to the How to (Skills training). If your WHY foundation is not strong enough, all the other how to’s won’t be effective for you. 

I’ve never ever seen someone progressed in life and in this business without going through self-diagnosis first, and then constructing a clear roadmap for where they wish to reach, and by what time period.

I’ve thought earlier in my career when I’ve got started in this business, that self-analysis isn’t important. 

What happened is; I suffered by wasting valuable first years of my life going in circles, until I have realized the importance of this step of self-analysis. 

I am one of those people, who started from scratch and reached to a high level of success in this business, and I also helped many people along my journey to reach high levels of success and some people started after me reached even much higher levels of success than I did. 

What I realized that what we all have in common are 4 things:

  1. The desire to be rich. 
  2. Embracing a simple proven system that works, not trying to re-invent the wheel (or the existing system), because this is difficult to do.

Believe me or not, it took me a while to figure this out, almost 6 month of sweat and tears, until I realized that there is a proper system that needs to be followed. 

  • Worked hard with dedication. I don’t believe that there are short cuts in life. Whoever tells you about someone in our business been lucky that’s crap B.S.; don’t believe that. 

There are people in our business, which has done the consistent hard persistent work in the beginning, and then they cooled down once they’ve reached to the income level that they are comfortable with. 

  • Having a sense of urgency when working on achieving things. Time is valuable, and it shouldn’t be wasted on non-productive activities. My sense of urgency when I’ve first started: I need to become full time in my new business venture that I’ve started part-time as soon as possible, and resign my fricking job after 6 month to maximum a year from the time I’ve got started building my business.  

It took me exactly a year to do it, but it wasn’t that easy. I was sleeping only for 4 hours a day or less continuously, utilizing every time I had building my new business venture. I use to look like a zombie so slim, my employment work schedule was 12 hours a day, still managed to find the time building my part time business, because I made a commitment to myself, and I was so hungry to get out of that employment prison that I was in. 

I stopped hanging around with my best friends that didn’t join me in my business for first 5 years building my business. I’ve stayed away from my parents for almost 3 years, even after I became full time in my business, because I was on the move all the time, hectic but productive traveling schedule, because I made a commitment to make my first million in the first 3 years. 

  • Let me give you a quick overview about my life, so it might relate to you and to what I am going to convey to you through this program. 

I was born at a middle class family of doctors, who believed in the old traditional educational system of: go to school, study hard, get highest possible grades, get university degree and become a doctor or a scientific professional, who trades time for money. 

Either working for someone else or being a self employed professional, who has to trade time for money to live a good honest life of contribution. 

Being also born and brought up early in my life in a communist society back in the mid 70s and early 80s in former Czechoslovakia, my parents didn’t believe in leverage, or making excessive amount of money. They were always in the field struggling; money management and money education wasn’t imbedded in their value system. 

Their believe is that in order to deserve to earn money, you personally have to keep on working and exchanging time for money.

Their views on wealthy people, millionaires and billionaires are: They must either be lucky, been born in rich families, or inherited a big amount of money. 

And their views on the self-made rich people are: Dishonest people, or must be doing illegal activities. 

Until my parents and me shifted to the Middle East, I started going to school with rich kids. I’ve seen many people living prosperous lifestyles, that aren’t comparable. 

In the beginning I couldn’t mix up with these people because my self-limiting believes didn’t allow me to come closer to them. 

I was taking the bus to go to school with the other poor and middle class kids, while observing my rich classmates been dropped off to school by luxury cars with private drivers.

I started loosing faith in the educational system and hopes in life, having the limited thoughts that I cannot live this kind of lavish lifestyle anyways, since I wasn’t born in a rich family. 

Even my school grades weren’t good enough to pursue scientific education like my parents did, so they accepted the fact that I couldn’t be a doctor like them, ended up settling for a hospitality and catering management education just to get through the traditional broken system as soon as possible and start working in real productive life. 

I remember the conversation I use to have with my father about those kids having rich dads, who’ve I heard the story of one of them his name was Mr. O. 

He told me how his father started from scratch settled 40 years ago in Dubai, came from a poor family in Iran, became a self made tycoon in retail business. 

The answers I use to hear from my parents that his father might be either involved in an illegal business or was lucky to meet some influential government official or someone from a royal family who helped him. 

To sum it up, I’ve grown up with self-limiting believes that money is evil, rich people are bad and its noble to live a simple and ordinary lifestyle. 

So whenever I’ve been presented with different opportunities throughout my working career, I didn’t believe that good things goanna happen to me.

I blew up many opportunities that came my way and got stuck with my miserable jobs, in hospitality industry earlier in my life then got into shipping and courier industry, until I started feeling the pain and the need to change.

That time I was in a worst moment in my life, I even lost hope in employment and my life didn’t have any road map anymore attached to it, until magic happened, a new opportunity been presented to me, at the right time while I was performing my duty at Federal express delivering a package, I decided to take action and the rest is history. 

It took me 6 month to earn my first commission after six month of sweat and challenges. The reason is that I’ve ignored this first step, which I am discussing it now with you. I thought that it’s not important. 

There are 4 Elements to master in order to reach ultimate success in this business:

  1. The believes you have:
  2. What are your own limiting believes now that are holding you back from not reaching where you want to be in life (wealth and success)?
  3. What are your believes about money?

·      What are your believes about the world around you? How do you react to the things happening to you and around you?  Are You a Creator or a Creature of Circumstances? Write them down.

  • Have a strategy:
  • How do you go about your activities day to day? Your roadmap towards reaching your measurable goals. 
  • Time for doing the productive day-to-day activities: Inviting, Presenting, Follow up, and training. Time for self-development, reading, listening to audios, training videos, attending events and seminars, conducting trainings and meetings. 
  • When you are hit with challenges, how do you handle them?
  • The Ability to manage your emotional state: How you act and feel in the moment. How to control your feelings if you aren’t feeling well for a short period of time, and be able to be positive, enthusiastic and sharp, even when you are dealing with challenges? That’s an essential ability to learn if you want to be a great influencer. 
  • Set your standards: What are your Standards when it comes to Wealth, success and happiness. I’ve seen many people when they started with me in this business, set their standards, and once they rise up to a certain level, and then they won’t pass above it. Their attitude change, ego starts getting in their head, then they fall down and some, they stay and work hard again to get to the same level they reached before.. Then they stop and settle on the same level for years, without improving. 
  • I want you to set your own standards, and if you have ones that are not serving you, I want you to raise your standards.

After going through this (what’s going inside your mind, that’s holding you back), start doing some changes in your day-to-day activities.

Success Element no. 1:  Eliminate the destructive Believes (Inserting empowering believes and Getting rid of Limiting Believes)

There is nothing more destructive to success than having limiting believes. It’s like driving a Lamborghini and being scared of using the full options in the car, so you end up driving slowly and not accelerating ahead then you loose the race.

  • Empowering believes Leads to success
  • Limiting believes Leads to a life of quite desperation.

You cannot rise above the level of your limiting believes. 

You need to get rid of those limiting believes. The way to do it is very simple but its not easy, because believe is nothing but an idea that you are really certain about. It’s something you are convinced about that its true, which might not be the case.

Because we create believes from the facts of life, from bad things happened to us from the past. 

We should learn from our past experiences and move forward learning from them.

We all have believes about ourselves and the world around us, that have been imbedded in us from the time we’ve been brought up by our parents, the environment around us and by growing up in a certain society.

And as we continually grow and expand our horizon, our brains are constantly creating meanings and interpretations of the world around us.

Since a belief is just an idea we believed its true, the only way to transform a belief or mindset that is holding you back is to eliminate the belief.

The first steps in starting to change your believes from negative that are holding you back from not reaching where you want to the ones that will serve you to get are:

  1. Run a personal analysis or diagnosis on yourself:  what TV shows are you watching? If you are watching news everyday, better off stop, because negative news affects your energy and program your subconscious mind to think negative.
  2. If you are watching movies, like most famous movies, Titanic: which shows you, rich people are boring, evil, bad, and poor people are happy joyful and love to live a simple happy life. Or (The founder movie) that talk about Ray Crock the founder of MacDonald’s, how he backstabbed and cheated his partners stole their idea and kicked them out so he can become super rich, which is not true, and many other movies that are programming you at a subconscious level, that rich people are bad, it’s a sin to make a lot of money, and its noble and spiritual to be poor.

As long as you become aware of these messages they are trying to use to program your subconscious mind, and don’t get buy into them, its ok you are in control of what to choose to think about.

I really stopped watching the TV (stupid box), for long time unless I have to know what are the updates about something important going on that affects my traveling and events schedule, like corona virus news and other important to know news. I’d rather write something valuable like this that will add value to others rather than wasting valuable time watching the idiot box, when I don’t have the option to be out in the field or communicating with my people. 

  • Your family members and close friends: in the beginning of my journey towards change, I have to disconnect myself from my close friends continuously for first 3 years, until I’ve got into the positive transition stage of accepting prosperity and until I changed my status Quo mentally and financially. Then after they’ve seen a new version of me with proof that I made it, they changed the way they looked at me. 

 Don’t get me wrong, I love my parents, my family and my close friends, but they were negative and discouraging me at that time, pulling me down. I am not suggesting you disconnect yourself, but at least be on control of your emotional state, don’t get their negativity and disbelief in what you are doing affects you. 

  • Invest time on personal development and leaning new skills that will help you advance. I always use the dead time to learn something new, or listen or read something that motivates me and inspire me to get better. Up to now, I still buy books, audio books and attend training programs and events that contribute to my success and the success of my people.  Be a lifelong student, and implement what you study about, then teach it to your people.
  • Avoid Gossips and negative talks and never entertain or get involved in such destructive attitude that will pull your Morales down. Remember, Successful people always talk about new ideas, new ways and are busy in things that provide value. Ordinary people just waste time on Chitchat on empty matters and losers are the ones talk badly about others.  If you allow yourself to be dragged into those conversations, your believe will go down and you will start listening to cheap advise from cheap people, the result you don’t progress.
  • Avoid listening to cheap advices from people who are not successful and those who envy your success, like: money is not everything, your health is more important, don’t be greedy, be contented with what you have. You will hear these entire BS from people who most probably aren’t prosperous and they aren’t secure, or don’t want you to get better than them.
  • Deal with your past experiences as lessons that you learned from to get better, don’t be dragged into the negative experiences and get paralyzed not moving forward. Sometimes unexpected challenges happen. 

Success Element no.2, Have a strategy:

First thing before developing a plan of action: your activities schedule, what to do, and how to do things, you need to know your End result that you are aiming for, then develop the steps to get to that result. 

The fastest way to get to the results that you want is to model someone else who is successful, because this will save you lot of time and efforts. Remember intelligent people learn from others people’s experience.

But you have to choose as well what to pick up from the person that applies to your business while modeling other successful people, especially if they aren’t in the same company or line of business. 

In the beginning when I was introduced to my business, the person got me in handed over a floppy disk and told me print out the presentation file in the disk, and just go out talk to people,  bring them to the presentation at Hilton hotel in Dubai and Novotel Hotel in Abu Dhabi,  without a proper system or strategy. 

I don’t; blame him, because he just modeled the same way his upline (person who introduced him) to me. I love him up to today and thankful for introducing me to this great opportunity that have changed my life for the better forever. 

I decided to take ownership, started researching the industry and successful people in our field.

It took me six month to figure out the right ways (system) to follow. 

I’ve contacted people in my company, researched online tools, books, tapes, and training materials related to my industry, until my people and me came up with a strategy that fits what we are doing.

In summary; developing your unstoppable strategy that helps you progress in mastering your profession:

  1. You should have a clear knowledge of what you want to achieve.
  2. Take massive action, learning and implementing, then teaching. 
  3. Analyze your results
  4. Change your plan if it isn’t working 

Success Element no.3: Own your State

The Ability to manage your emotional state: How you act and feel in the moment:

If you want to reach highest level of success in this field or in any field that requires interacting with people, you need to be able to manage your emotions, and be able for a short period of time, to transform excitement, and enthusiasm to others, either your prospects, new and old team members or people in your company. 

I know it’s not easy to do but it’s a skill that can be learned.

Watch the Pre-match

And that starts with a Change:

All change happens in an instinct. It doesn’t take long time. If you decide to change and you are ready at that moment you can change your state of your mind to be excited.  

In the beginning, I didn’t have the people’s skills, the how to’s , and results to show, all what I had is the energy, the excitement and enthusiasm to transfer in order to get people to join me in my business. And I was doing it on an unconscious level, without being aware of it. 

Watch this Video to get the whole picture of the message I am trying to convey to you. It’s a pre-match interview with famous tennis player: Novak Djokovic interview on state Management

Your Physiological emotional state of how you feel at the moment:

There are 2 things that controls the state we are in:

1st one is the physiology that we have:

How we move our body and hold our body. Most people react with their physiological state to external environment: For example: You hear bad news, or something outside happens bad, then you drop your shoulders, you frown, and look sad. This is not true. Our Physiological state is hardwired to our thoughts in our brain. 

2nd Your mind:

Happiness is another physiological state that we are wired into:

If you are happy you will stand straight, breath deeply, and have a smile on your face.

When you choose to control your physiological state from sad to happiness, and smile, you will create chemical changes in your brain that releases endorphins and you feel better. 

But that’s not what we’ve been taught to do. They taught us that when things get bad we have to frown, and you are done your whole day gets miserable and your physiological state will show that to your prospect. 

  • Act as if you are a wealthy man and you become wealthy
  • Act as if you own the answers and the answers will come to you
  • Act as if you have unmatched confidence and you become confident

Act as If with the Physiology of wealth, confidence, success and you will generate the desired emotions like that. 

That’s the first part of State management. 

I’ve studied this from gurus in our field and tried to apply it everyday, but its hard, because we are humans not robots, and we have the tendency to react to bad things that happens to us.

But what can we learn to control is how long we feel negative or bad to things happening to us. That is controllable. You can choose at the moment what you want to focus on. 

If you focus on problems, you start making problems that won’t exist. That’s how most human beings are programed; they only see the problem and not the solution.

If you rather focus on the solution, your mind starts looking for opportunities to solve the problems. 

 What takes a long time is feeling enough pain in your life, until you get ready to change. You have to be willing to go through the sacrifice to face challenges in order to change to a better person you want to be.

In conclusion to owning your state management to control your state:

  1. Your Body:
  2.  Use the motion of your body to release the motion of your true spirit. Remember a moment where you got your first person to join you, when you won a trophy, or any moment of victory. And feel that moment. 
  3. Act As if you’ve achieved what you desire, embody this image and walk your vision.
  • Your mind:
  • Lock your focus on that what your truly desire.
  • Condition yourself to not look at the problem, only at the solution 
  • The best way to master this state management is go out and start applying it consistently in the real world. Don’t just sit on it. 
  • It’s what happens in your mind first, the image you want to see yourself in, before you go out in the real world that sets you up for success. The target that you see yourself achieving in your life. Image yourself as if you have got where you want. Magnify this image in your mind and act as if you are there. 
  • Pick up the phone and contact your prospect having this absolute confident and certainty. 
  • You have to first create success in your mind and feel certain of what you are delivering, and with the skills that you learn, you will transfer your certainty to your prospect, to your team mates. 

*I have a full detailed training workshop on State management, and it will be published in one of the books I am writing. 

Success Element no. 4: Set your standards:

Your standards are like your personal thermostat. Everybody has standards for money and success. 

Some people have high standards for money; guess what they get a lot of it. Because standards are your musts:  things that you must have in order to feel that you have achieved success. 

Raising your standards is easy to do when you are in action. When I first got started in my new venture in year 2000, my standards were to earn double of my salary at the job, in order to give away my job. So my income monthly standard was $2000.

Once I hit the $2000 income, I have raised my standard to $4000 in order to file my resignation. Because I realized, that I needed to re-invest the earned money back into my business in order to keep it growing until it stabilizes. 

$1000 can pay my mobility bills, $1000 food, $1000 for travel, $1000 for supporting my business operation.

My ultimate standard that I set to myself that I must reach was $50,000 a month that time in year 2001 to 2002, because I wanted to beat the highest income earner in my company that was making almost $40,000.  My Mantra was and still is: If He can do it, I can do it. 

I always wanted to reach the highest level of success in my field. Once I’ve witnessed someone who got involved in the same business 10 years after me and making $100,000 a month, then I raised my standards to a $100,000 monthly income level, kept on working until I got there. 

Even now I set up higher standards, to reach $1 Million USD in monthly income, because goals and ambitions are getting bigger. 

I always like to raise the bar higher in order to feel that I am progressing, not only on financial level, but also on a personal and spiritual level. 

Others who get in the business, they get comfortable when they reach an income level of $1000, some with $5000 a month. Theoretically, they say we should max out our income, they watch others hitting the maximum income in our company, but they never do it, because actually they don’t raise their standards. They change their daily schedule that got them to that level, and choose to live in a comfort zone.

Wishing you and your families my prayers, stay safe. God Bless.

Now I want you to go through these self-assessment assignments, Looking forward seeing you at the top.

To your Success,

André Abouzeid 

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