Differences between New Power Presenting & Old/New Model of Presenting

(from my new Book, “Power Presenting”), will be released soon

The main differences between the Power Presenting System and the old/new models of presenting:

  1. The old model of Presenting (selling):

10% building rapport

20% Gathering Intelligence (Asking Qualifying questions)

30% Presenting

40% closing

2. New Model of presenting (Selling):

40% building relationship and rapport

30% identifying needs (Qualifying)

20% Presenting

10% Closing

3.The Powerline Presenting system focuses on closing all the time :

building rapport constantly non stop

We are do all things at once :

Power Presenting system order:

  • Take Immediate control of the sale
  1. Confident, Look Sharp as a professional (your dress code, image and confidence approach)
  2. Highly Enthusiastic : you should come across to your prospect as exciting
  3. Look like a master in your Profession: an authority figure, why he/she should listen to you (your Story)

all these 3 steps requires you to have specific tonality in your voice and body language when communicating them

  1. Use that control to gather information from the prospect (Ask Qualifying Questions)
  2. Simultaneously build rapport on both conscious and unconscious level. Listen more speak less
  3. Execute a power transition: example : Based on every detail you told me, I can see that this opportunity is a basic fit for you
  4. Deliver a presentation straightly tailored to his/her needs
  5. Ask for the order for the first time (ask for making a decision)

More details of this training will be found in my book, under process to be released : “Power Presenting”

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid

Positive Down, Negative Up

Network Marketing is a very emotional business because its a people’s business. And when people are involved you will face problems.

Our job as leaders is to constantly make sure that everyone in our team is focused and positive.

Share only Positive talks with your down-line, Avoid Negative talks about others in the same Company at all cost

We have to protect the fragile psyche of every single person in our down-line.

All it takes is one problem to come up and it get your downlines to switch off.

The problem might not even be theirs, it might be the one they heard that other people are talking about.

The word of mouth Industry that we are at, good news travel fast, but bad news travel 10 time more than the good news.

So how do we control the psychological environment within our team to success?

Find every reason for positive communications with the team constantly. Get everyone doing this. You can speak excitement and believe into existence.

People are attached to positive people, who would like to uplift the spirit of others.

As leaders, people are watching everything we do and listen to everything we say.

Read, watch and listen to daily self development materials when you start your day, and while driving and traveling, utilizing the dead time and making it productive towards your advancement.

This keeps me always in the positive zone.

Anytime there is a negative issue to be dealt with, should only go to upline.

If you talk negative about others to your down line, it will bit you back and affects your income

Don’t spread poison on your people. Upline up to the company are the only people that you should bring the problems to.

If you ever take your problems down to your team, this can and will cause the team to stop being productive and focus on your stuff instead.

Here is the important question?:

Why you want to bring the morale of people down I see you ? Because if you do that, it hurts your income. There is a never valid reason to do so. If you try to put someone down it reflects back on you as week person, and people in your network will do the same to you.

We are all traveling on the same ship. We all have to take responsibility to protect our ship from sinking.

Your upline mentors are the right people to consult with and better to confront privately away from the network.

Remember Always positive down.

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid

Fast Start Guide to Success (Andre Abouzeid)

  1. Plan Your Work
  2. Work Your Plan
  3. Improve Yourself

1. Plan Your Work 

1 WHY did you get involved? What are the reasons you made this decision. Write them down. Without a strong why you will not survive during the difficult times in your new business.

2 Set your goals. If you were going to go on a road trip, you would plan your trip. You would decide which routes you were going to travel, and you would also plan alternate routes in case things don’t go exactly as planned. You need to plan out your business like you are planning a road trip.

Write down your one month, 90-day, one year and five-year goals for your business. Write down how much money you want to make, and why? . After you do that, counsel with your upline and figure out what you need to achieve in the business to turn your goals into reality. 

Your mentor can give you a realistic idea as to how many people you will need to sponsor, how much volume you will need, what rank you will need to achieve and how big of an organization you will need to have to reach your goals.

3 Decide what you are willing to give up. All achievements require some level of sacrifice. The bigger your goals, the more you must be willing to sacrifice.

You might have to drop out of your football, TV programs, get together over a game with regular friends for few years. Maybe you need to cut back on a few hobbies, temporarily. 

Spend some time and determine what things you will cut out of your life so you can have more time focus on your new business.

Phase II: Work Your Plan 

4 Create a work schedule and daily action plan. You need a work schedule for your new network marketing business. I suggest you organize a day planner so you can plan out your work each week. 

What days will you work your business? At what times? And what activities will you do during those times? Ideally, you will have a list of 3-7 tasks that you do each and every day to move your business forward.

5 Do a 90-Day Blitz. This is the quickest way to LAUNCH your new business properly. It’s when you take all out massive action in a 90-day window of time and you double, triple, even quadruple your efforts focusing on sponsoring new directs and supporting them. This will help create a surge of excitement, growth and momentum in your business. After the 90-days are finished, you can return to a more reasonable pace.

6 Focus on Income Producing Activities. Do not confuse busy work with being productive. You should work your business at least 2 to 4 hours per day. The only activities that count toward these hours of work are having REAL CONVERSATIONS with new prospects. 

We get paid to talk to people. That’s it. Everything else is busy work.

7 Be consistent and persistent. Starting and stopping is the kiss of death in network marketing. Be persistent and consistent, no matter what. Spend at least two hours per day on income producing activities at least six days per week. 

By all means, take off one day per week for religious activities, family time and relaxation. But those other six days, work like your life depends upon it. 

8 Give yourself time to succeed. You will NOT be rich in 90-days, even one year. It takes time to start and grow a new business of any type. Give yourself at least two YEARS. 

Trying something for a month or two or three is a recipe for disaster. Building a business is like getting healthy or building wealth. Your efforts COMPOUND over a period of time. It starts out slow, but picks up after a period of time.

Phase III: Improve Yourself 

9 Get in the trenches and stay there. It’s the best way to learn. You will learn more in 5-hours of doing something than you will in 100-hours studying how to do it.

Never go into management mode, give yourself information overload or get analysis by paralysis. Do not think you need to know everything to get started. You will never know everything. 

Just focus on recruiting and team building. Make a bunch of mistakes, fail quickly, and fail forward: it’s the only way to succeed. 

10 Associate with successful people. Find people in your company and in your industry who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Be a sponge and learn from them. We are the result of our five closest friends. Spend time with people who uplift you, encourage you and bring out the best in you. Avoid the haters at all costs. Build your inner circle and stay loyal to each other. 

11 Focus on your daily personal development. Your business will only grow as much as you do. Set aside 15 to 20-minutes daily for your personal development. Read books, counsel with mentors, attend events, watch inspiring videos and do anything you can do that will improve your SKILLS. Skills pay the bills. Just like any other profession, there are a few basic skills you must master if you want to succeed in network marketing.

12 Treat it like a profession. Think of it as your new CAREER. Think of it as a MILLION DOLLAR business. Do what professionals (lawyers, accountants, doctors) do. Attend industry events. Subscribe to industry publications. 

Improve your skills and education. Learn everything you can about your company, your products and your industry.  Choose to become a network marketing professional.

13 Work on your mindset. Ultimately, “how” and “why” and “what” you think will have the biggest impact, either positive or negative, on your business. You must work on your mindset and learn to be mentally tough. We become what we think about. 

You must overcome your fears and self-limiting beliefs. You must slowly overcome all of the negative thoughts and things that have entered your mind in the past. 

Most importantly, you must learn to think like an entrepreneur, not an employee. This means you practice delayed gratification, focus on the future, and realize you are creating an asset, not trading hours for dollars.

To your Success

فن الترشيح عن طريق بناء وتقوية العلاقة مع المرشح

الرجاء الضغط على الرابط لفتح ملف التدريب. مرفق ڤيديو يمكن استخدامه خلال دعوة المرشح

او قبل بداية العرض

Arabic Prospecting Rapport Building.pdfفن الترشيبح ببناء علاقة


عبارات فعالة للاستخدام خلال عملية الدعوة عبر التلفون او شخصيا

إذا كانت هناك طريقة تساعدك على تحقيق الدخل الي تدور عليه، وإذا ما بخرب على جدولك الزمني المزدحم، فهل عندك استعداد للتطلع على فرصة كبيرة لتحقيق الدخل اللي تتمناه؟

لديّ شيء مهم اريدك ان تتطلع عليه، سيستغرق الأمر حوالي 45 دقيقة فقط ، قد تكون مهتمًا أو لا يهمك. هل يمكننا الاتصال في (اليوم / الوقت)؟

إذا أرسلت لك مقطع فيديو قصير لمشاهدته حول مشروع تجاري رائع ، يساعدك على تحقيق أرباح كويسة من دون مخاطرة مالية، فهل ستقدم له 8 دقائق لمشاهدته؟

لقد سئمت وتعبت من العمل لساعات طويلة لحساب الأخريين، ولا أتقاضى ما يستحق. وهناك الكثير من الناس يشعرون بنفس الطريقة ، ويهدفون الى الافضل. هل يتعلق الأمر بك أيضًا؟

طريقة غير مباشرة للأشخاص الذين حاولت تجنيدهم بالفعل في شركة ما قبل


من تعرف من يعمل ساعات طويلة وسيكون منفتحًا للاطلاع على فرصة لكسب المزيد أثناء العمل في الوقت الاضافي ؟

المزيد من المعلومات موجودة في كتبي :

“Recruiting Mania” and “Street Smart Network Building

قوة الدخل المتكرر المستمر في صناعة البيع المباشر : محمد برزان

(قوة الدخل المتكرر المستمر في صناعة البيع المباشر : (محمد برزان

لماذا أوصي باستخدام أداة جهة خارجية (طرف ثالت) للقيام بالعرض المبدئي؟

 معظم الأشخاص الجدد الذين ينضمون إلينا في هذه الصناعة، أي الأشخاص في فريقك، لسس لديهم الشجاعة والثقة الكافية لتقديم فرصة الدخل بشكل جيد لمرشحيهم بنفسهم. قد لا يمتلكون الثقة بالنفس الكافية او بالشركة والمنتجات والصناعة.

لدى معظم الأشخاص أيضًا خوف من الاتصال بمرشحيهم ولا يعرفون كيفية التعامل مع مرشحيهم خلال الدعوة، إما عبر الهاتف أو دعوة شخصية. آخر شيء يريدونه هو أن يشعروا بالحرج مع أسرهم وأصدقائهم..

معظم الشركاء الجدد الذين ينضمون إلى عملك، يعتقدون أنه يتعين عليهم تعلم كل شيء، وإتقان التقنيات، لكي يبدؤا بالعمل. هذا هو المكان الذي تأتي فيه أدوات الطرف الثالث لحل هذه المشكلة العالقة، وتسريع العمل بطريقة فعالة..

الطرف الثالث: “يعني: المرشح يتلقى عرض الفكرة عن طريق آدات ووسيلة اخرى أو أي شخص آخر غيرك انت شخصيا..

السبب الأول هو أن الأدوات والأحداث (الافنتس) تمنح الأشخاص في فريقك مصداقية فورية..

الفيديو وادآت العمل ، على سبيل المثال ، مع معايير الإنتاج الاحترافية وأفضل المتحدثين ، وعادة ما يكون أكثر إثارة للإقناع بدلا من قيام أحد أعضاء الفريق بتقديم عرض العمل بنفسه. خاصةً عندما يكون الشريك جديدًا وليس لديه سجل حافل بالنجاح للإشارة إليه حتى الآن.

إذا لم يكن لدى شركتك أدوات كافية للاستخدام خلال الترشيح وعرض العمل، فيمكنك استخدام أدوات الجهات الخارجية المنتجة باحتراف، مثل الأداة التي أنشأتها من خلال خبرتي ال١٩ سنة في هذا المجال، العملية والتدريبية من مختلف العمالقة في هذا المجال.:

ان الأدوات “تذكر” كل الحقائق وتقدم عرض محترف للمرشحين في كل مرة.

عندما تستخدم أدوات الجهات الخارجية؛ إنه يتعلق بالشركة والمنتجات والفرصة؛ وليس عنك شخصيآ. هنا انت تتجنب الانتقاد او تقيم المرشح عنك انت شخصيا..

 السبب الثاني الذي يجعلنا نستخدم الأدوات والأحداث لتقديم المعلومات هو أنها تبقي العمل بسيطًا ، وأنه يوفر علينا الكثير من الوقت. بدلاً من قضاء ساعة أو ساعتين مع كل مرشح.

 يمكنك إرسال عرض تقديمي فيديو يوتيوب إلى عشرة أشخاص أو يستغرق 30 ثانية لدعوة عشرة أو عشرين شخصًا لزيارة الفيديو

الثبات على تقديم رسالة موحدة السبب الثالث هو:

أداة الطرف الثالث تعطي رسالة ثابتة  لجميع المرشحين.

4.Duplication السبب الرابع الذي يجعلنا نستخدم أدوات وأحداث الطرف الثالث هو سهولة عملية التناسخ المتكرر.

عملية التناسخ هي المفتاح لنمو أعمال التسويق الشبكي/ البيع المباشر الكبيرة.

لا يمكن لمعظم الأشخاص تقديم عرض تقديمي جيد من تلقاء أنفسهم، ولا يأخذون المبادرة لتعلم كيفية تقديم عروض تقديمية قوية ، بينما لا يستطيع سوى قلة من الأشخاص تقديم عروض تقديمية رائعة.

يحدث التكرار عند استخدام نظام يمكن لأي شخص يمكن استخدامه.

الشريك الجديد ، يجب أن يكون قادرًا أيضا على فعل نفس الشيء الذي فعله كفيلهم..

حتى إذا كنت تستطيع القيام بالعرض بنفسك ، فستحكم الآفاق على عملك استنادًا إلى ما يرونه.

 إذا كنت تفعل شيئًا يعتقدون أنه لا يمكنهم القيام به ، أو ليس لديهم الوقت للقيام به فمن الممكن ان لا يشتركوا؛ بسبب التخوف من عدم مقدرتهم بالقيام بنفس الطريقة المحترفة لعرض العمل الذي قمت بها بنفسك..

إذا قمت بتقديم عرض عمل من ساعة إلى ساعتين ، فسوف يعتقدون أنهم بحاجة لقضاء ساعة إلى ساعتين مع كل من مرشحيهم لشرح عرض العمل.

 ماذا لو كانوا يعتقدون أنهم لا يستطيعون القيام بهذا العرض؟ ماذا لو كانوا يعتقدون أنهم لن يكون لديهم الوقت؟

إذا قدمت عرضًا تقديميًا مثاليًا دون استخدام الأدوات ، فسوف يعتقدون أنه يتعين عليهم إتقان العرض التقديمي قبل أن يتمكنوا من القيام بالأعمال. لذلك هم في نهاية المطاف الى عدم الاشتراك..

أدوات الطرف الثالث تزيلك من المعادلة::

إذا قمت بإرسال المرشح إلى مقطع فيديو عبر الإنترنت لمشاهدة العرض المبدئي، فستشاهد احتمالات أن هذا شيء يمكنهم القيام به أيضًا.

أي شخص عنده الامكانية بارسال رابط لمرشحه لمشاهدة ڤيديو.

أي شخص بإمكانه استخدام باور بوينت او برسنيشن بالصور مكتوبة، من خلال التلفون، او الحاسوب، تابلت؛ كآدات لتوصيل الرسالة للمرشح بطريقة منظمة اكثر، فعالة واسهل.

أي شخص يمكنه تشغيل الفيديوهات للمرشح خلال عرض العمل، ولكن مش أي شخص عنده الامكانية ان يقوم بنفسه بشرح عرض العمل بالتفصيل.

مثال على أدوات الطرف الثالث:

مقاطع الفيديو: مقاطع فيديو قصيرة عن فكرة العمل، تستخدم في الترشيح خلال الدعوة (أقل من 10 دقائق) ومقاطع فيديو عن العروض التقديمية وملف تعريف الشركة ومقاطع فيديو عن المنتجات ومقاطع الفيديو عن قصص النجاح..

بشكلPowerpoint: يمكنك إنتاج شرائحPowerpoint عروض (باور بوينت)التقديمية التي تم إنتاجها بشكل احترافي والتي يمكن لأي شخص في فريقك استخدامها أو مشاركتها مع مرشحيهم أو توجيههم من حيث البدء والانتهاء

العروض التقديمية الجماعية أو اجتماعات الفرص التجارية(BOM): الاجتماعات الجماعية Group Presentationsو استخدام قاعات الاجتماع او الفنادق. هذه توفر المزيد من المعلومات والدليل الاجتماعي..

المكالمات الجماعية (الفيديو والصوت): هذه عروض تقديمية قصيرة إما عرض تقديمي صوتي مسجّل مسبقًا ، أو مكالمة جماعية صوتية او ڤيديو كونفرنس مع الابلاين   تليها أسئلة وإجابات

في هذه الحالة بعد دعوة المرشح، واثارة اهتمامه؛ تقوم انت بترتيب المكالمة الجماعية مع الابلاين او القائد وهو يقوم بالشرح التفصيلي؛ مع وجدكم انتم الثلاثة على الخط.

Using 3rd Party Tools To expose information to your prospects (Taken from my book “Street Smart Network Building) Updated Article

Published on: Sep 13, 2018 @ 03:29, Updated on Feb 22, 2019

Why I recommend 3rd party tool to do the first exposure to prospects?

Most new people who join our business, people in your team, lack the confidence to deliver a good presentation to their prospect. They lack confidence and believe in the company, products and the Industry.

Most of your people also have a fear to call their prospect and don’t know how to handle the invite, either a phone or personal invite. The last thing they want to is to be embarrassed with their family and friends.

The average new people joining your business, think they have to learn everything, master the techniques, so they don’t get started. This is where the Third Party tools come into place.

• 3rd party” means anything or anyone but you.

  1. The First reason is that the tools and events gives people in your team instant CREDIBILITY.
    A company produced video, for example, with professional production standards and the best speakers, is usually more impressive and persuasive than a team member providing his or her summary of what the business is all about. Especially when the partner is new and he doesn’t have a successful track record to point to yet.
    If your company doesn’t have enough prospecting tools, you can use professionally produced third party tools, like the one I have created:

In English:



Arabic version :

The tools “remember” all the facts and deliver a professional Presentation every time.

When you use third party tools, it doesn’t matter what the prospect think about you., it’s about the company, the products, and the opportunity.

2. The second reason we use tools and events to present the information is it keeps the business simple , that it saves us a lot of TIME. Instead of spending an hour or two with each prospect, you can send a video presentation to ten people or take 30 seconds to invite ten or twenty people to visit your team website or YouTube video.

3. The third Reason is Consistency:

3rd Party tool gives a consistent message to all prospects.

4. The Fourth reason we use third party tools and events is DUPLICATION.

Duplication is the key to growing a big network marketing business.

Most people cannot give a good presentation on their own, and don’t take to initiative to learn how to deliver powerful presentations, while only few people can deliver great presentations.

Duplication occurs when you use a system that anyone Can use. A brand new partner, should be able to do the same thing their sponsor did with them.

Even if you can do the presentation, prospects will judge your business based on what they see you do. If you do something they think they can’t do, or don’t have the time to do, there’s a good chance they won’t Sign up.

If you do an hour to two presentation with them, they will think they need to spend 1 to 2 hours with each of their prospects presenting to them. What if they think they can’t do that presentation? What if they think they wouldn’t have the time?

If you give a perfect presentation without using tools, they will think that they have to master the presentation before they can do the business. So they eventually not sign up.

3rd Party tools removes you from the equation:

If you send them to a web page to go to, or an online video to watch, your prospects will see that this is something they can do as well.

Everyone can send a link to a website or an online video. Everyone, can open a PowerPoint on his phone or tablet, and use it as a tool or a guidance to present in an organized way. Everyone can play videos on his gadget with headsets, but Not everyone can do a full presentation.

In a traditional business, you do what works. In network marketing, you do what duplicates.

Example of Third Party Tools:

  1. Videos: Short Prospecting Videos (below 10 minutes) , Presentation Videos, company profile, Products videos, Testimonial videos.
  2. Powerpoint Slides: You can have professionally produced Powerpoint presentation slides that everyone in your team can use, to share with their prospects, or to guide them where to start and finish.
  3. Group Presentations or (BOM) Business Opportunity Meetings: Home, Meeting rooms, hotels. These provide more information and social proof.
  4. Conference Calls (Video and Audio): These are short presentations either pre-recorded Audio presentation, or a 3 way call with upline, followed by questions and answers.

EXPOSE After you have the prospect’s attention, you do an. “exposure,” meaning you show them (expose them to) the information.

Don’t explain the information, or do the presentation yourself. Use a “third party” tool like an online video, website, recorded voice mail message, or a live event, where another Independent business owner, does the presentation