Change your Vocabulary during your Presentation Updated (Andre Abouzeid)

I am sharing with you a Million dollars secrets that probably no one else has ever shared these with you. Those have been learned over the 16 years being in the field of Direct face to face presenting to many different personalities as well as theories from different professionals in the field of presenting.
How to Deliver Effective Presentation by Eliminating Fear producing words and replacing them with empowering words, that communicate Benefits to the Subconscious mind of a person we are presenting to.
If you are in an field of Presenting your business to another person, whether its in Direct Selling/ MLM, Real Estate, Investments, Insurance or other forms of 1 on 1 or group presentation, You can Use these powerful psychological techniques. Have you ever wondered that you’ve done your best presentations repeatedly and wondering why the person is not getting involved, stalling you, telling you it sounds interesting by I need to think it over? Etc… Not only that, they don’t even provide you with the accurate feedback of what concerned them, Or a wrong stalling feedback like No Money, No time, etc… So lets look at one of the denominators that holds back your potential enrolee. That must be Fear of taking action.
How fear is created?
Fear is created By The pictures painted By the Words that are used. Your words are travelling to your prospect’s or (potential partner, or associate as I like to call it) subconscious mind in the form of Pictures. So we have to find out the kind of pictures they like, so we paint properly the feelings that they want to experience.
So for your presentation to be effective and moves the person towards siding you and joining you, you have to communicate to his/her Subconscious mind. Lets Look at those Fear producing words used constantly and see how we can replace them:
1. Commission: Try to replace it with income, income generated, the money YOU Make or profit You earn.
Example: Instead of saying: You get commission, or the company pays you commissions on your direct and indirect referrals, or prospects or people. (So here what’s going in his/her subconscious mind): the reason he wants me to get in so he gets his commission, he wants to make money out of me). Try replacing it with: You make money or Your income is generated by getting Profit share from the volume produced out of products been owned and enjoyed by your direct and indirect partners. Off course use You all the time or you’re his/her name when communicating your message. Avoid talking much about what you get unless asked.
2. Cost or Price: Replace it With Total Investment, Total Value (if its illegal to use the word Investment in your area) or Total Amount_:_______________________$________ Example: “Your total investment to begin realizing the benefits of this business with unlimited income potential that continues to grow lifetime, is only $________.”
Cost or Price: means money out of the pocket Versus Investment: Means Money will be earned back with profits, which is true.
avoid saying Payment: Everybody have it and they don’t need any more of it. Most people have accumulated payments they have to commit to the bank, home rental, car installments etc… they don’t need another unnecessary one to commit to. So replace the word Payment with: Amount to register Amount to get started or Total Investment to Get Started
Replace Product Price with Product Value (People love to own Valuable items) You Invest In owning a Product or bundle of products of Total Value of— Or Total Investment of—-
Avoid : You Get Started in the business by Buying a Product or products that cost or price of—$, Replace with: You get Started in the business by Investing in owning an exclusive product or products of a total investment value of —$ See the difference? .
Buying means: Money Out of the pocket wasted for another unnecessary stuff.
Cost means Money wasted and never comes back On the Other Hand:
Investing: Means Money will be earned back in multiples.
Owning rather than Buying: People Love to Own things and hate to Buy. Buy mean waste pain, Own means Gain for lifetime . Total Investment Value Instead of Total Price or total expense: Value means Owing a Precious Item that Increases over time. These are all Psychological terms on a human subconscious level. But apply it to your daily conversation and watch the results.
3. Payment: Replace it with Investment, Or Amount Example: “Your investment for all of the coverage we discussed is only $________.”
4 . Deal: replace it with Opportunity. Don’t use good deal, because there subconscious mind is programmed in good deals and bad deals, they’ve heard it multiple times over the years and they don’t like to get into any more bad deals. Example: “You’ll be so thrilled to have taken advantage of this opportunity that is so good for you and your family’s financial future.”
5. Objections replace it with: Areas of Concern/Concerns.
If you say the word Objection, it triggers others they’ve never thought of, because they subconsciously have many in their mind they will start think off and shoot them at you and try to challenge you with more, which delays the decision making.
So Instead we call them Areas of Concern or Concerns. Try this: Instead of : Any Objections? Replace it with Any Concerns? If the person raise an objection the way to handle it: Example: “I can appreciate that area of concern.”
6. Prospect: Potential future partner
I don’t like the word prospect and it doesn’t paint an encouraging picture to another person. Instead I call them Potential future partners in success or Potential future associates, Or potential partners Example: “It’s always such a pleasure to meet with potential future partners like you, and I look forward to sharing with you all the benefits .”
7. Customer: Our customers are our partners OR: Family members we serve. Example: “Thousand of families and team members had changed their lives and had benefited from our company.”
The word customer is not encouraging and doesn’t project to the person you are communicating with much benefits. Customer Image is like a person filling up a basket and pushing to the cash register to pay.
8. Appointment: replace it with: Lets Get together for a 45 minutes Cup of Coffee,
Example: ” Lets Get together for a 45 minutes Cup of Coffee to discuss what can we can do together.
Or Lets get together and explore the possibilities of working together or helping each other. It will be short 45 minutes no commitments just a casual get together to explore the possibilities
The word Appointment Project the picture of a long meeting or probably a big time commitment in which also might be pushing me to invest in something or try to sell me something. Most people now are busy and don’t have enough time for long appointments Also most of them heard this word before from many others trying to sell them different things they don’t want to buy, or had past bad experience with.
9. Buy : instead use :Own, Acquire, invest By Owning . Example: “Own 1 or more of unique exclusive products”
Get Involved in the business By Acquiring or owning 1 or more of those unique exclusive products.
“Acquire A unique exclusive product or a bundle of products from your business”.
“Invest By owning a unique product or a variety of products that you would like to benefit from”
The word Buy is scary: means money out of your pocket. People don’t like to buy But They love to Own things.
10. Downline: Instead use: Support-line
Example: “When you Get Involved in the business you will be my support line” Place people in the support line. Psychologically the word Downline sounds for many people undermining or working under the command of others, which on the subconscious level might not feel encouraging.