Core Qualities of a Direct Selling/Netowrk Marketing Leader

Taken from my Publication (Getting Started Fast—)
There are nine Key Qualities that all top Network Marketing leaders possesses. Some or many of these you have already put in action. To be a leader and set an example ⇒ that others can duplicate
1. Believe in your company and love your products
2. Continuously Develop contacts & Building Relationships: Keep on socializing with people on continuous basis, keep on expanding your contact list and build relationships on regular basis. Keep on collecting information from people you meet on daily basis, get to know their problems and add them to your contact list. NOTE: Please don’t go out trying to prospect directly for presentation appointment . Just go out and make new friends. The right time will come when to present. Maintain constant contact and friendly relation.
3. Use the products, and never buy a competing product for any reason if your company got the same one. Another product takes money out of your business and put it in someone’s else’s. This kind of practice will put you out of business quickly. Any Product you need which is available in your company get it from your company.
4 • Make Regular Presentations Like every business, network marketing requires consistently taking action steps. One of the most important of these is making regular presentations. Realistically, you need to be making 1 or 2 presentations a week when you start your business (working 7 to 10 hours a week). As your business grows, you will want to increase this no. When you reach what I consider “full time” in this business (about 25 hrs. a week), you will want to make 3 to 5 presentations a week. Of course not all these presentations will be new prospects that you want to refer personally. Many of them will be presentations you will be conducting for your people in your group as you train them and build depth. You must consistently make presentations if you want to grow your business. Don’t mislead into thinking you’re growing your business with “busy work” (reading manuals, going to seminars, filling forms, etc.) • Attend Everything Functions are glue that holds your business together. Attending them helps you grow your business, gives you crucial training and keeps you focused. Never miss any function if you can. Try to attend them all even if you have to get into the plane and travel. Be up to date by knowing all the upcoming company functions.
5• Spend Daily Self-Development Time Your business will grow only as fast as you do. Initially, you need recruiting and training skills. Later you need time management and organizational skills. Ultimately, however, you will need leadership, communication and empowerment abilities. To develop others, you must first develop yourself. Invest in Audio Programs, books and videos that help you develop. Turn your car into a Mobile University. Utilise your time when you are in the airplane travelling or walking. Also, don’t end your day by watching news, because this will have a negative impact on you. Make sure your last input before going to bed is positive, even if you read only 1 inspirational article.
6 • Be Teachable If you want to build your business in the fastest manner possible – you must be teachable and willing to be coached. You will find network marketing is quite different from traditional businesses. Things that work great in sales simply do not work in network marketing. Learn from your referrals and leaders in the business.
7 • Become Accountable Stay focused and faithful to your network. This business is a business of relationships and trust. To maintain this trust you must be accountable and honest to your network. You can never tell a lie to your people and become accountable. Also when you commit to your people that you will help them, you should keep your commitment.
8 • Edify the Organisation When you point out the success and accomplishments of your upline referral – it makes those upline more effective when they come to work with you both your prospects and your downline. Many of the times you will find it difficult to be a prophet in your hometown. Sometimes your friends and relatives aren’t yet ready to accept that a powerful, positive concept can come from you. By edifying your Referral or leader’s line – then bringing your prospects to them, you will have support to hold you over until you develop some initial success and credibility. Likewise, your upline line can help you when you’re working with your new dowline partners.
9• Follow the System Leaders understand that “long rangers” can be successful initially – but will not enjoy long term succeed. For having a repeat income – and walk-way security, you must follow a step-by-step duplicable system. This means that everyone in your organization uses the same materials, the same training procedures and follows a standardized presentation. This way the methods you use to bring in new people are the same method they bring in their new people. You are completely duplicatable. Regardless of someone’s previous job experience, their education level or confidence level – they can do the business exactly the same way you did. Follow the System and you have the entire resources of your leaders and company resources working for you. If you change the system, every one will start to do the same and then all these resources will work against you.
Go Core! These nine core qualities are what separate network marketing leaders from the people who drop by the wayside and never reach long-term success in the business. Practicing all the core qualities isn’t easy – it’s not supposed to be. But you must practice them all if you’re truly interested in building a network where others can achieve the same success as you. As a leader committed to empower others – you have a responsibility to go core yourself, then create that culture in your organisation.
To your Success,