Differences between New Power Presenting & Old/New Model of Presenting

(from my new Book, “Power Presenting”), will be released soon

The main differences between the Power Presenting System and the old/new models of presenting:

  1. The old model of Presenting (selling):

10% building rapport

20% Gathering Intelligence (Asking Qualifying questions)

30% Presenting

40% closing

2. New Model of presenting (Selling):

40% building relationship and rapport

30% identifying needs (Qualifying)

20% Presenting

10% Closing

3.The Powerline Presenting system focuses on closing all the time :

building rapport constantly non stop

We are do all things at once :

Power Presenting system order:

  • Take Immediate control of the sale
  1. Confident, Look Sharp as a professional (your dress code, image and confidence approach)
  2. Highly Enthusiastic : you should come across to your prospect as exciting
  3. Look like a master in your Profession: an authority figure, why he/she should listen to you (your Story)

all these 3 steps requires you to have specific tonality in your voice and body language when communicating them

  1. Use that control to gather information from the prospect (Ask Qualifying Questions)
  2. Simultaneously build rapport on both conscious and unconscious level. Listen more speak less
  3. Execute a power transition: example : Based on every detail you told me, I can see that this opportunity is a basic fit for you
  4. Deliver a presentation straightly tailored to his/her needs
  5. Ask for the order for the first time (ask for making a decision)

More details of this training will be found in my book, under process to be released : “Power Presenting”

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid

Author: achiever_admin

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