Direct Business Talk

In this post I will Cover some Business concepts from meetings to presentations.

  1. Secrets of great communication and delivering effective presentations:

1-Be Direct

2-Be Open

3-Be Authentic

  • Speak Clearly:

1-Be Direct : Be Direct to the point while presenting your opportunity. Your prospect is expecting you to get direct to the  point. Don’t waste their chit-chatting about other factors not related to what is it in it to them.

  • Remember that bow much you hated when people wasted your time. So don’t wast theirs.
  • Know what you are talking about.
  • Think ahead of time about what points you will cover and questions to answer before meeting the prospect.
  • Try to anticipate questions that they may ask. like most common questions and areas of concerns (Objections) in your presentation.
  • Networking-Direct selling is an art. You have to sell yourself first. People buy you first before they buy what’s coming from you.
  • you always have to sell yourself to put your best self forward.
  • Know what you are getting your prospect into.
  • Know your company, products and opportunity.
  • Once you get your prospect interest. Stop presenting, and move directly to Sign-up.
  • Always present the benefits of:

Company and Products, Not the features.

For example 

1. Water filter: 

The prospect doesn’t give a dam on features: like FDA approved, German technology or other Bla Bla Bla.

All the prospect care about are the Benefits. 

A short statement like: helps you save money on water consumption. Provides you with a cleaner and healthier water without consuming petrochemicals from bottled water, are enough benefits the prospect like to hear about. I’ve installed once in each of my commercial and residential properties and my tenants love it. I’m using it at home myself and my friends restaurant owners are using it and saving tons of money of consumable water. 

Always present the End result of each of your product line (Not Each product) can benefit your prospect. 

2. Watches& Jewelry  : sell the experience or emotions, feelings not the features of the watches. 

You will be wearing Unique exclusive Elegant Swiss watches, good value for money, huge market appeal. I’m wearing one now, looks like a Rolex but fraction of the cost.

3. Vacation products: unique holiday products, that Helps you save Lot of money on your accommodations, car rentals for you and your guests, getting you the lowest price available. 

I’m using it all the time when I travel or when I have guest coming over to visit me. I just used it in Canada and saved me $60 on my hotel booking and more than $100 on my car rental. 

You’ve got the point. You can apply the same to all other product lines you want to present.

“You can always send professional company produced videos about the full product presentations, your prospect on interested in , later on, after your presentation.”

  • Your personal Introduction:

Your personal story is very important before you start your business presentation (what you can do for them). Check out my other post on (Telling your story).

1-Be Prepared before you meet the prospect.

2-Ask questions and listen . 

Most people keep on talking down on their prospects and don’t really listen that much. 

3. Appearance: First Impression is important, on how you want to project yourself and business to your prospect….

4- Body language…. never fold your arms keep your arms in open position, lean forward to show interest and pay attention to what they say. 

5- Firm handshake. 

6-Eye contact: look the prospect on the eyes, builds trust and rapport. 

7- Be very straight and open. Don’t show any hesitancy or doubt. 

8- Be Confident: remember, you are offering them a life changing opportunity. They want what you offer more. You want them to join. But make them want you more.

  • Meetings with your Team Members: 
  1. Try not to talk just to be noticed. Before you raise A point to your team make sure it has a value to offer.
  2. It’s better to have a reputation of someone who only talks when it counts, rather than someone who wants always talk on every subject.
  3. They already know you are there. Talking too much shows lack of self confidence and shows you are begging for attention.
  4. Put your hands on the table, Listen
  5. Don’t Put other people down. Always respect your team members. 
  6. Engage in the meeting: ask dump questions. Don’t be afraid to be funny. 
  7. When you are organizing ameeting or running it. Be time.
  8. don’t allow chit Chat at the beginning,
  9. Be decisive, what actions to be taken. Who’s gonna do what ?Be firmkeep it moving.
  • Presentations:
  1. Use Visual bids,-Slide shows, videos, Keynote. 
  2. Create a presentation- with the help of the current resources available to you.
  3. Decide what you want to say and how you want to say it.
  4. Produce your presentation and Practice it ahead of time.
  5. Let your pre-produced peace of work do as much as the work for you.
  • ICE Breakers:

Ok let’s close this topic with an Ice breaker.

It’s so important to start with Ice breaker to build rapport before presenting your opportunity:

Some questions you can ask:

  1. What’s the best job you’ve ever had? What’s the worst job you’ve ever had ?
  2. What’s your current situation ? What do you do for living?
  3. What do you enjoy most about what you are doing ?
  4. What do you hate and like to change ?
  5. More details are covered in my books. Stay tuned to my updates …
  • Recap:
  1. Be direct, open and authentic.
  2. know what you are talking about.
  3. Be prepared to include and answer common questions and answers in your presentations.
  4. Sell advantages and benefits of the products not the features.
  5. Be respectful and treat others like you like to be treated.
  6. In meetings, speak up, don’t be afraid to ask the dumb questions.
  7. In presentations, present your ideas with visual aids and practice.

To Your Success,

Andre Abouzeid