Direct Deep, Core Networking Thoughts

  1. Be a Sorter Not a convincer: Don’t push people to join your business. You are looking for people who are open-minded to consider another opportunity apart from what they are doing, and looking to improve their current status.

You don’t want to convince them or hard close them to join. We just show them the opportunity (gift) and it’s up to them to be in or not. The harder we close, more difficult we make it on ourselves. Some will do it now, Some won’t , so what. Someone is looking.

Just keep on going and expose your opportunity to more people, Maintain them in the follow up pipeline, never loose touch.I had close friends who rejected my opportunity, but some of them joined me after 7 years and made it into leaders, so never loose touch.

Refer to my Chart Sorting Vs Convincing:

Developing The Right Recruiting Mindset

2. Building a successful business of ANY kind takes time:

  • Come up with a five-year plan for your network marketing business. No matter what type of business you own, you need a long-term plan. Successful businesses are built over a period of several years, not several months. Establish your vision and goals and write them down. Share this with your active upline.
  •  Make a MINIMUM two-year commitment to your business;

The average entrepreneur takes a year or two just to break even or make a small profit, and three to five years to really get their business off the ground. This is a business, not a lottery. Be sure you have realistic expectations. Develop a vision, goals, a game-plan, and stay the course.

  • Develop your business by Plan and commitment, not by chance:

Like any business, you need a written business plan and marketing plan for your business. You can’t just do it with let’s give it a try attitude. Treat it like a business and it will pay you like a business.

The mindset you need to have: Do Whatever it takes to make it big. This is the only business with Zero risk, and very small investment, that provided you the opportunity to Think Big and Make it Big.

3. Act as if you have ONE MILLION dollars invested in your business and you have a year to earn it back. Have a sense of urgency and treat your business like a REAL BUSINESS, not a hobby.

  • Set big goals and strive to get a little bit better every single day. No one is perfect. But we can all improve a little bit every day. Do that day in and day out and let the Compound Effect kick in.
  • Think when you first started to learn, driving a car or swimming. How did you do it?

Remember that ACTION cures fear. Do the things you fear and the fear will eventually go away. 

Did you wait until you master the books on how to do it, or you just kept on doing it until you got better at it?  Do it now and never stop. 

4. Stay plugged in with your active upline at all times. If you want to succeed in the business, your upline success partner is your most important resource. Make sure you communicate with them frequently, several times per week, and follow the advice they share with you. Keep in mind, this might not be your sponsor. This should be the first person in your upline who is successful, knows what they are doing and is willing to help you.

Even if your upline is not a good presenter, or doesn’t speak the same language of you and your prospect, use his testimonial story, just host him too be seated with you, edify him and ask him to only share his story.

If your upline is a jerk, or switched off, or probably joined another company, like it happened in my case, don’t be dragged to go to hell with him, Look up through your leadership line, even if you need to get in touch with one of the founders, and counsel with them until you get your system fixed.

Learn How to think outside the box, even if you need to refer to external resources to contribute to the growth of your business. 

5.  Create, Attend and Promote a weekly event:

– Attend all events and stay plugged in with your ACTIVE upline.

Promote events like your business success depends upon it.You are into an event-driven business. Whether it is a Live Business opportunity Meeting, Video conference call. Events provide social proof and synergy, that keeps your business together.

In case you don’t have events going on in your market, create them. Get in touch with your working uplines or learn how to do them in case your upline didn’t support you.

  • Take ownership of your business. Don’t wait until you get someone to help you

5.  You must lead, guide and direct your people:

Notice I didn’t say Manage. We are not into an employment environment. It’s a lead by example business.

Set the example at all times. Never ask your team to do things you aren’t willing to do yourself. Always lead from the front, and inspire by people by what you DO.

Most new people need a lot of help, babysitting and support.

You must have a Plug-in System for your new team members and tell them EXACTLY what to do next.

Also, keep in mind, you should only spend time with your new people who are serious, willing to be coached and trained, and willing to follow the step by step system, getting their ego out of the way.

Let those people go;  and work with the one’s Willing to learn, i.e.: Are willing to empty their cups.

Unfortunately more than 90% of the people you sponsor will not listen, and think they know how to do the business, because of their background and connections; I.e.: Their Cup if full of sugar, and not willing to learn and follow the system.

You can’t make anyone else successful, so stop trying. No more than 10 percent of your team (and probably closer to 5 percent) will be coachable. These are the folks you want to spend MOST of your time with.

All you really need is three to five workers to build a big team. Keep your eyes and ears open for these people. When they show up in your team, treat them as if they were personally sponsored by you. Become their friend and offer them help if they want it. Whatever you do, don’t try to micro-manage them or boss them around.

6.  Don’t compare yourself with others:

Everyone is on a different stage of their success journey, so comparison is not accurate and might lead you to give up. If anything, compare who you currently are with who you are capable of becoming.

7. Master your Emotions:

In this business you will face a lot of highs and lows at the building at the building stage. Sometimes unexpected things happen in your market, like bad news, publicity, government against your business in certain immature markets.

Or some ignorant people in your company or your organisation that got some ego matters.

  • Don’t take things Personally

If you don’t learn to master your emotions, and not taking things personal you might end up quitting…

Make sure you have realistic expectations, be logical, and detach yourself from what others say and do. Focus only on things that you can control.

  • Isolate your personal emotions from your business Goals.

Don’t get too personal with people you work with, and don’t get too emotional with them. Remember they are your business associates, not your spouse. 


8.  People join you first. Your prospects will evaluate YOU more than they do the business opportunity you share with them. Work on your skills and attitude and be someone worth joining.

9. Recognize everyone on your team whenever possible, even for the smallest of things. Babies cry for it and grown men die for it. Most people on your team will do more for recognition than they will for money.

10. Stay focused your business and Ignore and avoid other people trying to drag you into their opportunity:  No business is perfect. Pick the company and business you want to have your problems with, because there will always be problems. Long-term focus with ONE company is the key to success.

11. Make sure everyone you know and talk to knows you have a business.Your job is not to hard-sell or convince anyone, but EVERYONE should know what you do. You should contact everyone you know to notify them that you own your own business, so if they are ever in the market for what you have, they can do business with you.

  • What is your personal commercial? : What do you say if someone asks you: “What do you do for living”?

12. Be nice to everyone on your team, even if they don’t produce. Treat everyone on your team with the utmost respect. Treat everyone as well as you would treat your best friend, even if they are a non-producer. You never want to push anyone out of the business.

13. Keep the business as simple as possible. The beauty of our industry is the simplicity. Any fool can complicate it, and most do, but it takes a genius to keep things simple.

– Network marketing is about a lot of people doing a little bit, not one person doing a lot. What you want is a simple system in place to help the average person sponsor 1 or 2 new people per month.

14. Fine tune and follow a daily mode of operations. We are all creatures of habit. You need a daily mode of operations for your business, and you must have the discipline to follow it daily. Your daily mode of operations is nothing more than a list of 3 to 5 things you will do each day to grow your business.

15. Work on improving your skills every single day. We get paid based upon our skills. The fastest way to become a better networker and make more money, is to work on your skills. While reading, attending events, listening to your upline and watching videos are important, the best way to improve your skills is to roll up your sleeves, get to work, and stay in the trenches. You will learn more by doing than anything else.

16.  Work in depth and create leaders. Once you have some people personally sponsored, shift your efforts and work in depth. That is the smartest way to build your business. Help your new people recruit their warm market.

17. Listen more than you speak. You will be welcomed everywhere you go if you can do that. You have two ears and one mouth for a reason. Use them in that proportion. You can’t learn anything by talking, but you can learn a lot by listening.

Make the conversation about the person you are talking to, rather than about you. People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

18.  Keep your prospect pipeline full. Make sure you always maintain at least 100 prospects in your pipeline. If you can do that, recruiting is much easier, and the business becomes fun. In addition, when you have a lot of prospects in your pipeline, you become emotionally detached to what others say and do.

19.  Weekends are  the best days to contact prospects, Set aside an hour or two every weekend to contact prospects and set appointments.

20.   Leaders believe in their company, product, the industry and themselves:

If you don’t have ROCK SOLID belief in these four things, you won’t survive in the business. Attend events, read books, work with a mentor, and stay in the field, practice, practice and practice, present, present, present;  if you want to build up your belief.

– Be a product of the product. Be your own best customer and use ALL of your company’s products.

It funny that I noticed many business associates, wearing brand X watches and presenting our opportunity to prospects recommending them our watches as unique, limited edition.

People follow what you do, Not what you say

The first observation and question I ask my complaining donwline telling me he is not getting results while presenting to his prospects, is: DO you believe in your products? Your business?

They answer: Off course. The I notice he is wearing brand X product not the product he is supposed to represent.

So do yourself a favour, become your first best customer first before you earn the right to present to others.

21.  Remain coachable and humble at all times. Never forget where you came from. Never forget what it was like to be a brand new Person joined the business. Don’t let success go to your head.

22. Avoid looking for big hitters in other  companies, they will never join you: First off, it seems like most people are looking for the heavy hitter who will join their team and make them rich. If they could just find that one GO-GETTER, life would be great.

This is a big mistake. Why? Because very few people are really heavy hitters. I would guess that less than 1 in 1,000 people who join your team will be a heavy hitter.

Simply put, they are a rare breed. When they join your team, they crush it in the business, but if you’re only looking for this type of person, you are leaving LOTS of money on the table.

Rather than look for the heavy hitter, what you really want to do is find creative ways to help MORE PEOPLE DO a LITTLE BIT MORE. You want to find simple ways for the little guy to build a stable, part-time business, earning an extra $200 to $1,000 per month.

This business is about a lot of people each doing a little bit consistently, month after month, not one person doing a lot.

I would rather have 1,000 people on my team each sponsor ONE new person a month, than have 100 people each sponsor 10. By following this approach, more people would grow their commission check. This would lead to higher retention rates and more duplication.

The real key to success in our industry is duplication. You want to have a simple system ANYONE can follow and duplicate. You want step-by-step instructions anyone can follow and sign up 1-2 new business associates each month. 

This is the key to building a big team in our industry. Big teams are nothing more than lots of small teams.

To make 100,000 or more Income per year, help approximately 25 to 100 people make $200 to $1,000 per month. To make a million plus per year, help 250 to 1,000 people make an extra $200 to $1,000 per month. That is how you build a big team in network marketing: by helping the little guy succeed!

Many top leaders or seniors in the business reach to a stage of achievement either in income or ranks within the company, or might be both, their ego gets in their way, and stop listening to the smaller income guys deep in their network. Which is destructive and wrong.

Supporting your people in your network many levels down, will strengthen your depth and income stability and security, this doesn’t mean to stop personally recruiting new people in y0ur network.

Even after being 19 years with my company and considered as a grand upline to many, I am still open to  support my people in depth despite their level of income or seniority.

Starting today, stop looking for the heavy hitter. Instead, keep your eyes and ears open for people  who want to earn an extra $1000 $2000 or $5000 per month. These are the people you are really looking for.

By finding lots of these every day normal people, you’re bound to stumble across a few heavy hitters. And even if you don’t, you still have a solid team.

23. Direct Selling/Network marketing is a lot like dating. When you first start dating someone, you experience a strong emotional desire. You are excited. You can’t sleep.You think about the person 24/7. You want to spend time with them and capture every word they say.

In my early days I got involved in my company, every night I use to stay awake thinking about how to grow the business, the possibilities and envisioning myself enjoying the results.

Many people join our industry and feel the exact same way about their network marketing business. They are hyped, pumped up and excited about the possibilities.

They THINK about their business 24/7. They can’t concentrate at work or sleep well at night because the business consumes them.

Like dating, this emotional stage never lasts in your Business. The length of time it lasts varies from person to person, but it is normally somewhere between  the first 72-hours to 90-days. 

What I have found from personal experience is that 80 to 90 percent of the people on your team will QUIT the business once the emotional stage goes. That’s right. Once their initial excitement is gone, they are gone, never to be heard from again.

It’s important to educate yourself (and your team members) about the emotional stage. You must let your people know that it is NORMAL to feel that way (excited and optimistic) about the business, in the beginning.

You should also let your team know that they will not feel that way about their business forever. At some point, this feeling goes away. That’s when you find out if someone is truly COMMITTED and DEDICATED to building a business, by looking at what they do when they are no longer excited.

I personally believe your time in this business starts AFTER the emotional stage disappears. At that point, that’s when you have to make a CONSCIOUS DECISION to move forward with your business, or return to your comfort zone.

In my case it took me almost 3 month. After talking to more than 270 people and none joined, ,my excitement level went down and I started going back to my employment comfort zone.

So I decided to get back to work after taking 2 month break from my business that didn’t make me any money. How?

I’ve observed the top earners in my company, and said: “Why they can do it and I can’t”? What are the things I am not doing or doing wrong?

So I have revised my written goals, and decided to do whatever it takes to master the business and make it big.

Keep your eyes on the prize. Keep your emotions in check. Determine your why, set your goals, make your plan, get started and never look back. Stay persistent and consistent and keep working in different ways until it works.

  • Remember that you won’t be excited forever, but if you are committed to your cause, anything is possible. 

To Your Success,


Andre Abouzeid