Entrepreneur Thinking Vs Employee thinking, in Direct Selling Business (Andre Abouzeid)

Changing the Mindset of your new Partner from thinking like an employee to Think like an Entrepreneur:
Your new partner in your organization, has been all his life been at a job that pays at the end of each month for his or her activities, suddenly gets into direct selling/network marketing and don’t understand what it takes to run a business.
Let me illustrate this in a story to make my point:
Your new recruited in your organization experienced that:
Have been hired for a new job, he was nice to his boss, to impress him more, worked hard every day, then at the end of the month gets his paycheck into his bank account automatically.
Now here he joins your organization, been nice and obedient to you, follows in the beginning what you are training him to do, one month pass, he talked to few people, no results, no paycheck.
Then his motivation level starts declining, and starts complaining, telling you I’ve been with you everywhere you go, I’ve driven you to the events, I’ve been with you all day long assisting you. I’ve spoken to my close friends, but they are all bloody losers. It seems it’s not goanna work and then he Quits.
Sounds Familiar?!
Now this is the type of mindset that most of the employees who join your network marketing business bring to the table, unless you the sponsor don’t prepare them for them for such a challenge, once they don’t see direct money for their efforts, they will Quit.
You have to teach your new associate about the difference:
1. Building your own business that will pay you forever by Investing time and efforts and being patient, versus
2. working in Job that makes you trade time for money.
Here is a story that illustrates why any business takes time to build:
Shopping Mall
Let’s say a well know business Tycoon for example a real estate developer wanted to build a big shopping mall in your city.
Probably the first year is spent looking for a location and securing the building site, by investing in a land, dealing with banks and raising funds to purchase the land.
Then he builds a public relations campaign to convince the public and the government officials at the land department, about the jobs to be created and the benefits of having the shopping mall in order to get the full support, instead of delaying the construction.
Then bids are put out for the contractors for the construction of the mall.
After a thorough review of the bids a construction can officially start.
First a big hall is dug into the ground, which is called the pilling work or the foundation that’s usually takes 6 months to a year depends how huge is the mall goanna be in reality, after building it in the Developer’s mind and on papers.
Then the Developer comes the next day and says: “I quit” I have spent more than 2 years on this project and haven’t earned any money yet!
Now Do you think the Developer will really say that?! Off course not. He is a successful business Tycoon. He knows that he has to build the mall first before starting to earn any money.
When the mall is finished, it becomes a huge cash machine empire. Pouring money, day after day, month after month, year after year non-stop.
That’s Business. Invest Time, Efforts and money now get paid later forever.
We have to prepare our new associates that this is a 2 to 5 years plan. Their first year is their learning and building experience. So, in the first year or two we have to work hard building volume without measuring performance, keep on being disciplined and have daily method of operation to follow without looking back.
That’s how all business people think, and that how business works they give it two to five years before they Quit.
The good thing about our business that its financially risk free. We’ve got Everything to gain and nothing to lose. Our Capital is guaranteed.