EXPOSURES of your Business Opportunity, from my book, (Street Smart Network Building)

Your first exposure with a prospect should be less than 15 minutes.  This helps . It’s also easier to get prospects to agree to look at or listen to the information when you’re only asking for a few minutes of their time.

The Video I’ve created is 7 minutes, quick overview of the best parts of the opportunity, that communicates to the prospects’ subconscious mind.

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You can refer for my Video as example of first exposure tool

It’s in a form of a movie trailer that excites and entices the prospect to ask for more information, and in some cases I had a ready to sign up prospects.

If they’re not interested after a good seven minute to 15 minutes exposure, the odds are they won’t be interested after a one hour exposure. Save yourself some time and go talk to someone else.

If they are interested, however you can do longer exposures. If they were interested after the first exposure, they’ll watch a one hour presentation, not because you asked them to but because they are interested!


Tools include online videos, live video conference calls, recorded audio or video messages, YouTube videos, digital files presentations, printed materials, and so on. Here are some ways you can use these tools to do exposures, especially for a (brief) first exposure:

  • Send them a link to a website video and ask them to watch it; the video shouldn’t be more than 15 minutes. Then follow up in case you didn’t get a feedback.
  • Meet them at a coffee shop and play video on your website, or videos on YouTube, to them. Let them use earphones in case you are in public place. Use a PowerPoint, or pdf professionally drafted presentation  for your reference and also for them to see that they can also copy the same way.
  • Get on a video conference call along with your sponsor, in case your sponsor is traveling or not around in your area, to make a 2 on one presentation, or group conference presentation to your prospects and handle all the concerns.
  • Call, make sure they have a few minutes to look at something, and then text them a link to your website video or the link to the video.
  • Invite them to plug in to a live video call taking place that evening (or whenever)
  1. Business opportunity meetings (BOM)s

BOMs, are live presentations. They may be conducted remotely, via video conference, but when we refer to events we usually mean those that are conducted in person. They usually take place at a hotel ballroom or conference room, an office, or a food and beverage outlet. They can also take place in a home.

The event may be called a “business overview,” “business opportunity,” business lunch meeting,” or something similar. These are generally open to any team members in the local market.

Those opportunity meetings, usually show the full presentation, that is, the company the products or service, the business, and the compensation plan. At the end of the presentation, existing team members share their stories or testimonials about the business opportunity, products or both.

The advantage of live business opportunity events is that they allow prospects to see the presentation delivered by a top leaders meet other team members and hear their success stories, get their questions answered, and experience of excitement and energy in the room. They can also see actual products.

Another advantage of live business opportunity events, is that when prospects see other guests getting enrolled and getting started in the business, it provides “social proof” of the value of the business. For this reason, prospects who might have previously been undecided often sign up at those events.

Business opportunity meetings or (group presentations) are best to be used  as a follow up, after the prospect been, pre approached either by a video presentation, or small presentation, 1 on 1, 2 on 1 or home meeting. Usually better to  invite prospects who have already had one or more exposures. If they’ve been exposed, and they are interested, they will be more likely to show up when you invite them to a public event, and more likely to sign up when they do.

  1. Experts

Another way to do an exposure is to invite a prospect to meet with your upline or other successful team members. The other team member or leader  is your expert,” but introduce them to the prospect as your business partner. The expert may do the entire presentation or a shorter version. They may sit with you and the prospect(s) while you watch a video video and then share additional information about the business. They may explain the compensation plan, tell their success story, and answer questions. They will also find out if the prospect is ready to get involved.

You can use an expert to do the presentation at an in-person meeting (a “sit down”) or over the phone. You can use them to do a first exposure, to invite a prospect to an event, or to answer your prospect’s questions and close (help them decide to sign up).


  • If you haven’t already done so, choose one or two of each type of tool available to you as your primary first exposure tool. You might choose your team website video or a link to a professional prospecting video. You can use my prospecting video for free for a limited time at :


  • Attend your local recruiting events and introduce yourself to the leaders and as many other independent business owners as possible. Become familiar with the starting time, parking, sign-in process, and how the presentation is conducted. When you turn with guests, you’ll know what to do and you will be able to introduce your guests to other team members in the room.
  • Find out which team members in your upline are available for as an expert. Learn their stories so you can more effectively introduce them to your prospects.