Fast Start Guide to Success (Andre Abouzeid)

  1. Plan Your Work
  2. Work Your Plan
  3. Improve Yourself

1. Plan Your Work 

1 WHY did you get involved? What are the reasons you made this decision. Write them down. Without a strong why you will not survive during the difficult times in your new business.

2 Set your goals. If you were going to go on a road trip, you would plan your trip. You would decide which routes you were going to travel, and you would also plan alternate routes in case things don’t go exactly as planned. You need to plan out your business like you are planning a road trip.

Write down your one month, 90-day, one year and five-year goals for your business. Write down how much money you want to make, and why? . After you do that, counsel with your upline and figure out what you need to achieve in the business to turn your goals into reality. 

Your mentor can give you a realistic idea as to how many people you will need to sponsor, how much volume you will need, what rank you will need to achieve and how big of an organization you will need to have to reach your goals.

3 Decide what you are willing to give up. All achievements require some level of sacrifice. The bigger your goals, the more you must be willing to sacrifice.

You might have to drop out of your football, TV programs, get together over a game with regular friends for few years. Maybe you need to cut back on a few hobbies, temporarily. 

Spend some time and determine what things you will cut out of your life so you can have more time focus on your new business.

Phase II: Work Your Plan 

4 Create a work schedule and daily action plan. You need a work schedule for your new network marketing business. I suggest you organize a day planner so you can plan out your work each week. 

What days will you work your business? At what times? And what activities will you do during those times? Ideally, you will have a list of 3-7 tasks that you do each and every day to move your business forward.

5 Do a 90-Day Blitz. This is the quickest way to LAUNCH your new business properly. It’s when you take all out massive action in a 90-day window of time and you double, triple, even quadruple your efforts focusing on sponsoring new directs and supporting them. This will help create a surge of excitement, growth and momentum in your business. After the 90-days are finished, you can return to a more reasonable pace.

6 Focus on Income Producing Activities. Do not confuse busy work with being productive. You should work your business at least 2 to 4 hours per day. The only activities that count toward these hours of work are having REAL CONVERSATIONS with new prospects. 

We get paid to talk to people. That’s it. Everything else is busy work.

7 Be consistent and persistent. Starting and stopping is the kiss of death in network marketing. Be persistent and consistent, no matter what. Spend at least two hours per day on income producing activities at least six days per week. 

By all means, take off one day per week for religious activities, family time and relaxation. But those other six days, work like your life depends upon it. 

8 Give yourself time to succeed. You will NOT be rich in 90-days, even one year. It takes time to start and grow a new business of any type. Give yourself at least two YEARS. 

Trying something for a month or two or three is a recipe for disaster. Building a business is like getting healthy or building wealth. Your efforts COMPOUND over a period of time. It starts out slow, but picks up after a period of time.

Phase III: Improve Yourself 

9 Get in the trenches and stay there. It’s the best way to learn. You will learn more in 5-hours of doing something than you will in 100-hours studying how to do it.

Never go into management mode, give yourself information overload or get analysis by paralysis. Do not think you need to know everything to get started. You will never know everything. 

Just focus on recruiting and team building. Make a bunch of mistakes, fail quickly, and fail forward: it’s the only way to succeed. 

10 Associate with successful people. Find people in your company and in your industry who have achieved what you are trying to achieve. Be a sponge and learn from them. We are the result of our five closest friends. Spend time with people who uplift you, encourage you and bring out the best in you. Avoid the haters at all costs. Build your inner circle and stay loyal to each other. 

11 Focus on your daily personal development. Your business will only grow as much as you do. Set aside 15 to 20-minutes daily for your personal development. Read books, counsel with mentors, attend events, watch inspiring videos and do anything you can do that will improve your SKILLS. Skills pay the bills. Just like any other profession, there are a few basic skills you must master if you want to succeed in network marketing.

12 Treat it like a profession. Think of it as your new CAREER. Think of it as a MILLION DOLLAR business. Do what professionals (lawyers, accountants, doctors) do. Attend industry events. Subscribe to industry publications. 

Improve your skills and education. Learn everything you can about your company, your products and your industry.  Choose to become a network marketing professional.

13 Work on your mindset. Ultimately, “how” and “why” and “what” you think will have the biggest impact, either positive or negative, on your business. You must work on your mindset and learn to be mentally tough. We become what we think about. 

You must overcome your fears and self-limiting beliefs. You must slowly overcome all of the negative thoughts and things that have entered your mind in the past. 

Most importantly, you must learn to think like an entrepreneur, not an employee. This means you practice delayed gratification, focus on the future, and realize you are creating an asset, not trading hours for dollars.

To your Success