Helping people with your Direct Selling Business Opportunity (Andre Abouzeid)

Taken from my Books
(Recruiting Mania
and Power presenting) 
Most of us when we have newly joined into a our direct selling business, been taught to go out and approach our best friends and talk to as much people as possible about our opportunity. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. In fact its our human obligation to share our opportunity with many, Because (Service to the Many Leads to Greatness).
The challenge we face is that we’ve not been trained in a professional manner on how to approach our prospects (Which I like to call them potential partners).
Yes motivation and self development is important in our venture, but its not enough to reach the pinnacle of success and duplication in our business.
So Skills are essential in our business ,(What to say, sequence of words to be said, what to avoid saying, and the How to’s) , can be learned in order to reduce drop outs and to build a solid foundation once and for-ever.
One of the major skills our new partner should be equipped with is “presentation Skills”. One of the main areas which is overseen in presentations or in many cases in missing is :
  1. Finding out first about the Prospect’s current position, and uncovering their needs and wants before presenting your solution.
Many Networkers and direct sellers talk down to their prospects eagerly presenting their solution before finding out their prospect’s problems, needs and wants.
Image yourself visiting a doctor and before even asking you questions about your current condition, or not hearing enough from you, starts diagnosing your case and prescribing medicines to you. What will be your reaction?
Sure; you will run away through a nearest possible exit and never wanted to see the same doctor again.
Well Its no difference in direct selling. We are so exited about presenting our opportunity to our people and we do the numbers game as been taught by many. Just go out there, be positive, have faith and believe and start blasting off about this life changing opportunity…. familiar with that?! I am sure you’ve gone through this and been frustrated about the results. Thats the amateur way of conducting presentations.
Some other training programs talk about using the same presentation over and over to all prospects and sort them out. Again another numbers game that can lead the majority to drop out. They claim the this is duplication by using a standardised presentation and tools to all. Like playing the same recording to each prospect and ignoring his way of thinking.
You can’t duplicate feelings, each human being is unique. Not all people are the same.
The professional acts like a consultant, asks questions to collect as much information about the prospect, Listens intently and take notes, in order to diagnose the person’s problems, in order to tailor the right solution through their presentation, that is tailored specifically towards him/her, sitting across the table.
The Most powerful desire of each human being is to feel comfortable, Every person have a different feel of so called a comfort zone. All of us are motivated by those two primary factors:
  1. Feel of Loss, Or
  2. Desire to Gain
Under those two motivators those shared factors or desires involve:
  1. Sense of Achievement in Life,
  2. Feeling secure,
  3. Feeling respected and recognised,
  4. Having enough Money (depends solely upon person to person on how much is Satisfiable)
  5. Health and longivity
  6. Being Loved
No one is 100% satisfied with his current status in life. But they got used to it, and most are fearful of changing into the unknown.
(Your Prospect isn’t happy with his current condition But is fearful to change)
So our job as a professional is remove your own motives and agenda out of the picture and focus on the prospects needs and wants, not yours. It means put yourself in your prospect shoes and focus on him/her solving their areas of discomfort.
How you do that ?
To identify the discomfort of our prospect, by probing with sequential questions that will reveal the pain they are going through, or the things that are worrying them.
You can’t just guess that everyone have the same needs and wants as you do. Each person have different motives.
For some people comfort means having millions of dollars in their bank account, a beautiful home and time to travel, Generating passive income real estate investments and so on.
For others just a normal house or apartment, $5,000 monthly income and time to spend with loved ones.
So when discussing your business opportunity with people, your number one
objective should be to determine what their current comfort level is with their current job, business, situation and their lives in general.
Once you really know what they want out of life, you can show them how your business opportunity will help them achieve that income level that they are looking for, that lifestyle, that home, new car, that dream vacation, colleague education etc…
You may have to probe with more elaborate questions depending on the flow of the conversation. Meaning to say building a real stronger bond with your prospect before getting into business.
Once you and your prospect created the bond and identified whats holding them back, now you can use your opportunity as a motivator to get out of their discomfort level, getting out of their comfort zone and willing to change and never get back to their current situation that they hated.