How Attractive are YOU as Potential Business Partner?

You know your source for names. You’ve identified a number of Strategies for presenting your opportunity. You’ve calculated just how many presentations and calls you need to make.
So, the question is, how will you make the most of these conversations? One way is to develop yourself as a powerful, attractive, prospective sponsor and business partner. Check Your State of Mind and Maintain Your Posture:
When you contact a new prospect, do you ask yourself, “Who am I being that would either attract or turn off this prospect?” Are you organized, calm, and focused-or are you nervous, rushed, and flustered?
Your presentation enthusiastic and powerful-or weak and Whitney?
Does your prospect sense any urgency or desperation in your voice? Have you conveyed to them that you would love to work with them in building a business-but you do not need them to join you ? Do you project success and confidence? Have you checked your belief level? Do you have any unresolved objections about what you are doing? Do you understand the powerful network marketing concepts well enough to share your belief in them with others? What is your interpretation of sharing your opportunity with your prospect? i.e. are you intruding and bothering them pushing them to join right away, or offering them the gift of the awesome power of possibilities?
Are you acting as a Professional consultant that asks questions and identifies their wants and desires before presenting your solution? Or You are just like a water-mouth Parrot presenting and talking over them without listening?
Closely examine your presentation. If you’re prospecting in person, does your dress and appearance speak of success? You value your time and your prospects’ and convey to them, Or do you seem to have all the time in the world, seeming that not much going on in your life? When you speak, edify your company and your leaders . Be proud of what you do. Got the idea? So, what I’m really asking is
“ Would you want you as a business partner?” To answer, first check out your belief level.
How Strong Is Your Belief?
To Your Success,
Andre Abouzeid