How I built my business learning from great mentors

In this post, I am going to share advises I learned from my own experience, from the mentors of the old school.

from my great mentors I knew, I met and interacted personally and from those Stratospheric mentors, that I didn’t meat in person, but I have researched them, studied about them and learned from them.

They might not be necessarily from the same field. But They are also involved into Direct selling type of business.

  • There will be articles as well as video at the end of this post, that I would like to share that can be applied to our business.

These are the set of advices I would like to share:

  1. Get to the field as soon as possible and try to master your profession as soon as you can. The best way to learn something is by doing it over and over again. Experience will make you better at what you do!

2. You need to have consistency, doing it day in and day out for the first 2 to 5 years until it runs on its own. Don’t focus on results; focus on activities and experience for the You can’t control what your prospects say or do. You can’t control what your team does. You can’t control the results you get. However, you can control what YOU do. And that is what you should focus on: the things that you can control. This means you focus on talking to people and improving your skills.

3. If you don’t close after your presentation you will loose.  You must be able to ask your prospect to make a decision. You don’t have to use pressure or hype, but you do need to be able to look someone in the eyes and ask them to join you. If you can’t do that, your business won’t grow.

4.  If you can’t overcome objections, you can’t get people involved. Most of your prospects will have a least one objection, and probably more than that. This is very normal. You have to know the most common objections and how to overcome them if you want to learn how to get more signups.

5.  Educate your people to have a mindset of looking into objections as not final answers. They are just questions in concern, that need to be answered.  Learn to handle rejections. You will deal with rejection, a lot. You can’t take things personal.

7.  Teach people the fundamentals. The fundamentals in this business include prospecting, inviting, showing presentations, handling concerns (Objections) ,follow-up and training your team. Each rep needs to learn how to master these fundamentals if they want to be successful.

8.  Get people to compete against each other. Friendly competitions are a good thing. Have contests and competitions with your team whenever possible.

9. Put on great meetings. If you’re going to have a meeting, do it well. Don’t waste people’s time. Make it exciting. Provide great content. Start and end on time. Mix things up from time-to-time.

10. People won’t quit if they have a great relationship with you. Build relationships with everyone on your team. This is a numbers game initially, but after you sponsor people it becomes a relationship business.

11.  Money is important, but the relationship is ten times more important. Value your relationships with your team members more than your bonus check. This is a people business. The long-term money comes from the long-term relationships.

Relationship building

12. Get better very single month. Every day, get a little bit better than you were yesterday. No one makes it overnight. Success in business and life takes lots of time and hard work. This is not the lottery. It will take you YEARS to build a huge, successful business of any type.

13. Believe in your team members even if they don’t believe in themselves.

14. maximise the use of your time: Time management is very important. Its one of the most valuable assets.

  • Plan your day a day ahead, revise your  today’s goals once you rise in the morning.
  • One of the most valuable resources helped me out is the book called (In The Sphere of Silence) by my mentor Dato Sri Vijay Eswaran.

15. Focus on most productive Activities First: In the beginning stage in building your business,  discipline, consistency, and commitment are so important.

  • You need to focus more on income producing activities (Invite, Present, Follow up) as much as you can.

16. Look at your business as a long term Plan:  Just because you didn’t invest hundreds of thousands of dollars into your business, it doesn’t mean you can just stall it until you need it.

  • Don’t look at it as give it a try and see how it works.
  • Your business can produce unlimited income if you take it seriously and look at it as a lifetime business, not just an additional income.
  • So don’t get discouraged if you didn’t make lot of money your first learning year in the business.
  • Remember traditional businesses require at least 2 to 5 years even some more just to break even. consider your first year is your learning and building the foundation year.

17. Be patient and tolerant of others: Not all people think the same way as you. Treat everyone with respect. You will get people in your team that you cannot stand them, but sometimes you have to deal with them.

  • Love them, leave them alone and let them grow. Keep your door open for them when they need your support.

18. Don’t take things personal: You will Get rejections from prospects. You will hear lot of No’s from close friends, family and others.

You will also have people promising you and not showing up. You will have people in your team quitting your business. You will get people you help in this business stabbing you at the back.

  • Just don’t take things personal, press and move on. Work on getting always better and move on.

19. Be your own best customer of your business: You’ve got to believe in your products and use them. This way you will model the behaviour for your prospects and team members. You can’t be successful by using brand X products while presenting your business with different products. You need to be sold out and 100% committed to your business.

20. Be honest with your prospects and team members. Integrity is everything in this business. If you loose it, your team members will not be motivated to work with you. It will make you retire long term. Skills with will accelerate your growth.

21. Help serious people in the line you are building to make money. The secret of walk away income in this business is helping more people in your network make money and learn skills. It’s not all about you only.

22. Avoid negative people at all cost. It will bring your energy down as well as your self esteem.

  • Always remember your people in your downline are your business associates, you cannot share negativity with them. Pass the negative news only to your uplines.
  • Avoid Gossips and bad talk and never entertain them. Because they spread like a virus and destroy your self image and also has negative effect on your business overall. So better stop them immediately and don’t get involved in them.

23. Stay in the field, avoid going into management mode. Inspire your team members by modelling the behaviour and doing it with them and for yourself. It’s not your job to manage people, they will copy what you do. Up to today I am still recruiting directs to my business.

24. New Recruits are the lifeblood of your organization. Always work with the newest, most excited person and in depth of your organisation. keep on working deep down with your newest people. Depth (team performance) is your future security.

25. No body will train and take care of your team members, as better as you can. Take the responsibility of training your team members. Keep your system simple that everyone can follow.

26. Never stop learning and upgrading y0ur skills. Up to today I am still learning more and more on our business from different sources, and implementing what I learn to my business. Think outside the box. Don’t just learn from one source.

  • You’ve gotta be a self-improvement fanatic. Strive to get better every single day. Work on your personal development like your life depends upon it, because your business will only grow as much as you do.

27. There is no easy way to becoming successful. It requires, a series of hard work, learning, trainings and failures. You have to go through the process temporarily in order to master the skills and become successful.

28. Spend more time with your downline, with your new people in your new recruits, not your upline  and set the example for them. The way to model the behaviour, is you do yourself the things you want them to do.

29. Be the leader, not just a friend. Maintain a distance from those you are working with and leading, and set the example for them to follow.

30. Work and spend time only with the excited and active. Don’t worry about what they are not doing. Work together with the willing people in your team.

31.  Focus on your goal. Stay focused on what you are trying to achieve and ignore the distractions at all cost. Focus on one thing until successful.

32.  Everyone says they want to be big, but only a few will pay the price. Huge success requires a huge sacrifice. Everyone wants the lifestyle and money that the top earners have, but very few people are willing to do whatever it takes to get there.

33.  We all need someone who believes in us. Everyone wants to feel important and have someone who brings out the best in us. Be that person to others.

34.  You gotta have guts to succeed; talent won’t cut it. Desire is the most important attribute for success in this industry. You need a big WHY. You must want success as much as you want the air that you breathe. Without guts, mental toughness and a big WH,Y you will never make it. Lots of talented people fail in our industry because they don’t have the guts and desire.

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid

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