Developing The Right Recruiting Mindset

  1. Sorting Vs Convincing


Amateurs convince, Professionals sort:


In our business unlike other businesses, We are looking for people who are looking. So the sales techniques used in other type of business for getting someone to buy something whether he wants it or not, doesn’t apply here.

  • We don’t want to convince people to take decisions they are not willing to take in the first place.
  • We don’t want to chase people
  • We don’t want to run after them trying to hard close them to join our business.
  • All we have to do is Find people who want what we are offering, and show them the information, so they can make the right decision for themselves.



Get in Vs. Let In:


When I am talking to prospects, I don’t want to let them feel that I am trying to get him into the business.

Instead, I want to let them feel that I might let them into my business.

The mindset I want to develop here, is that I am the one interviewing them and see if they are the right fit in my business.

They are not interviewing me and questioning me about my business.

So how do you want to come across approaching your prospects?


Get In (Haunting) Let In (Fishing)
Means approach people to get them in Allowing them to join my business if they are the right fit
Sounds like you are hunting for prospects to join your business. That’s why with this mindset your prospect might avoid you, because you come along as a pushy person It’s like fishing, you through the hook out there and see who bites, then you roll it back to you.
No body appreciates to be looked at as a target. It will look like you are trying to take advantage of them to put them into something. It looks like they are the one looking to take advantage of the opportunity.
This approach is used mostly by insurance agents, real estate, hotel memberships and many other sales types quota focused businesses. This is not duplicable in our business, means not everyone can apply it. It will you give you an honour or privilege for them to join your business. It gives you a position of strength (Better Posture). This is way stronger than trying to convince people to Get in to Your business. You will look more confident and more attractive.




  1. The mindset we have to develop: Some Will So Won’t, So what. Someone is waiting. Sorting takes the pressure out of you, but keep on sorting through next one, next one, and so on, on your contact list.
  • Network Marketing is perfect for everybody. Not everybody is perfect for Network Marketing.