Message to Team members thinking of Joining Other companies

I have Experienced several team members that have quit our company and been in and out of several different Companies in just short period of time.
There are some valuable lessons from this story that might help you.
1. No one is going to take you seriously if you change opportunities as often as you change your underwear. That is the sign of a JUNKIE, not a business person. At some point, you must commit to something if you want ANYONE to take you seriously. People want to work with someone who knows who they are, where they are headed, and why they are doing it!
2. No matter what business you join, you must PUT IN THE WORK and build up your skills. If you’re struggling now, joining a different opportunity will not solve ANY of your problems, because you haven’t built up your skills yet (and the right mindset). Skills pay the bills. Stay where you are at and work on your skills. Be a student of your company, your products and the industry. Study sales, leadership, communication, network marketing and entrepreneurship. Your business will only grow as much as you do.
3. It takes time to succeed in any business. Your first year is your learning experience. That is when you learn the ins and outs of the business. Your real time in the business starts AFTER you complete the first year of going through trenches. Plus, most businesses take a year or two to make a profit and at least three to five years to become stable and successful. Have some patience.
4. Starting a new business is a lot like dating. In the beginning of EVERY new business venture, You are excited. You are obsessed. At some point that excitement fades. When that happens you either break up or accept that LOVE is a CHOICE, just like this business is a choice. Just realize you won’t be head over heels excited about your business forever. It’s what you do after that lust fades that ultimately makes the difference in determining whether or not you succeed.
5. If you think this industry is tough, you should look around at traditional businesses. Traditional business owners have tens of thousands of dollars invested in their business (if not more). They are a slave to their business. They work their business 60, 80, even 100-hours per week, just to get their business off the ground. Despite all of these things, they still have a high failure rate. Our business offers little to no financial risk and has all the benefits of traditional business. Plus, you can work your business part-time, as a side-hustle, while you keep your job. Talk about a win-win.
Final Thoughts
Our business is a gift. Treat it accordingly. You must sow before you can reap. It takes time and hard work to build ANY type of successful business. Give yourself a fair chance to succeed. Make a minimum two to five year commitment to the business and never look back.