Minimizing the fear of recruiting and Sponsoring in Network Marketing/Direct Selling:

Many of you probably heard this statements: “Feel the fear and do it anyway”
or “Face your fears and watch them go away”.
or “Call upon your passion rather than your fear”.
Easly said, but how many people can really relate to it or apply it? Not many as I know, many will rather stay in their comfort zone.
The most common Fears we faced when we’ve got started:
1. Fear of rejection (people Say No)
2. How people will view us?
3. What people will think about us?
4. Fear of loosing friends
5. fear of failing
6. not having necessary skills, making mistakes, facing obstacles
7. Commitment and being a leader
8. Fear of getting ignored, people getting upset with us
9. Fear of changing our personality in order to succeed.
10. fear of looking like advantage takers or users and so on
What are Real Fears?
Researchers mentioned and we have learned important fact that;
Fears are emotional concerns that arises from real actual dangers.
On the other hand Phobias are unrealistic fears that arises from unreal danger or dangers that are wrongly perceived.
We have to learn and Identify the two differences of real fears and Phobias.
For Example, many new networkers or direct sellers fear rejection, even though rejection is perceived danger that is simply Not real just unrealistic phobia.
In 17 years of Prospecting, presenting, following up and sponsoring family members, friends and strangers. No one has ever threatened to kill me or hurt me. Some have made fun of me, some have ignored me for a while, some have made fun of the business concept, opposed me and argued with my thoughts.
Where can you see the danger from: ignoring you , laughing at you, not agreeing with your thoughts, or not taking action to be with you?
There is none. So first lets look at Fear from the Perspective as Phobias look to be real. There is Zero real danger the process of conducting the business activities: of recruiting and sponsoring, and the Outcome is financial freedom, so where is the real danger?
Well, there are certain Steps that can facilitate the process and can be applied by anyone, despite their background and personality type:
1st Step: Training. Prepare and pratice. Get in touch with your support line to start you on the right track of doing the right activities . If you don’t have one, invest in professional training materials that will guide you through the step by step conducting the business process of Network Marketing.
Try in the beginning as much as possible to work with in pairs or group with your support line if possible, while conducting meetings with new potential partners or training new partners.
Remember the more you do it, the better you get at it. Adopt the culture of consistenley : Study and Do, then teach it to others in your support line.
2nd Step: Adopt the Mindset of Offering others an opportunity that can have a great impact on their lives. You are doing others a favour, you are not trying to convince them or sell them anything. You are offering them a biggest favour but you don’t know if the timing is right for them yet at this stage in their lives.
Adopt the attitude that you are obligated to share your gift to them and its up to them to take it or not. At least they won’t blame you later when they witness your lifestyle have changed dramatically to the better. You have done your obligation by sharing your opportunity.
3rd Step: Quit fear By Focusing what can you offer others.
The desire we feel on focusing on others and look for ways to solve their needs will conquer our Fear (Phobia)
While meeting with new potential partner or prospect, remove your self from the Equation (Forget about your personal Agenda) that you have to get him/her enrolled.
Asking Questions Skills, Qualifying , and Listening Skills, Taking notes of what said, I.e: putting yourself in their shoes rather than focusing what to say next, Focusing entirely on the other person instead of yourself, you feel more comfortable and your nervousness will vanish.
In other words: Tell yourself : don’t be self centred on your outcome. I have a contribution to make, information that can help this person. I shift the focus from Me to Him/Her/Them when conducting meetings, either one on one or group presentations or meetings.
By shifting my attention from how I look, to the what values can I contribute to them through my messages, how can I help them learn from me in order for them to find a better life. The fear of public speaking and other false fears will disappear.
To your Success,
Andre Abouzeid