Network Marketing business model VS Real estate Brokerage Business model

Taken from my publication (The Business of The New Century); “Creating Wealth and Freedom Through Direct Selling”
Real Estate Model as Shown below:
Network Marketing Business Model as Shown Below:

What Network Marketing is Not About

Unfortunately, there are many scammers out there set up companies claiming to be practicing Direct Selling/Network Marketing, but unfortunately they turn to be Rip-off schemes. This had made Network Marketing misunderstood by many when its presented to them. True, legitimate network marketing offers a very real chance at creating financial in- dependence. The illegitimate or knock-off opportunities offer you only the chance to lose your money, your time and your reputation. The only way to protect yourself and those you care about is to truly understand the complexities of this rewarding opportunity. True, legitimate network marketing is not about pyramid schemes, chain letters or garages full of product. While these practices have often been confused with network marketing by the general public— and even some regulatory agencies—these things are nothing of the sort. Let’s look at them: Pyramid or Ponzi schemes have been around for a long time. These are unfair, illegal money games which victimize the last people to join them. The money from late joiners is used to pay earlier victims, creating an appearance of success and legitimacy. Eventually, the scheme runs out of new people to be exploited and the others who joined are left out. They put money into the scheme, but end up with nothing. There are several other things that separate phony rip-offs from the real deal. First and foremost—products have to be reaching the end consumer. Next, commissions must be based only on the product that gets to the end consumer. Any time that you make money by simply bringing someone into the program (even if this is disguised as overrides on sales kits or beginning training)—this is a head hunter fee and makes the program illegal in many countries. Another option to beware of is so called “Buyers’ Clubs.” These are programs that advertise “no selling required” and stress everyone signing up to buy wholesale. And in Order to make money and be able to buy from the member companies you have to sign up by buying a membership to access the club. Governments view of such closed marketing systems, considering them pyramids or lotteries. Others, such as the discount clubs, tout products or services that are of questionable value. Several of these types of companies got into trouble because attorneys general found that the discounts they were promoting were no more valuable than those available to anyone who shopped around and can be bought directly cheaper from the market. The product or service must be a legitimate one, and better-off to be exclusive.

Network Marketing Vs Traditional Business

Direct selling is the Only business model encourages you to duplicate your skills and share them with others, creating for you a lifetime income. For your long term leverage and income security that’s the only way to make it. Is to generously share your skills with others. Its about Educating and Empowering Others. Most people mistakenly think that’s it’s a selling business due to its name. But its mainly a teaching and training business. Its amazing to find out that majority of people making it successfully in this business are teachers, trainers, lawyers, engineers and consultants. Sales-types people implementing sales skills are short term in this business because they cannot be duplicated to the majority of non-sales types. In traditional business you cannot teach others your secrets, because teaching the secret of your trade or profession might result in sacrificing your position to either your subordinates replacing you in the hierarchy with lower pay or they might become your competitors, in other places.Or If you have your own business they might grab your skills and function without you, causing all your time, money and efforts wasted rather than leveraged lifetime to your advantage.

Network Marketing is about Educating and Empowering Others

Wealth is hidden from those who must do it from themselves Wealth exposes itself to those patients enough to train othersYou invested your time by training othersVersusExpending your time by doing things the “quicker” way.That’s What the wealthy knows and Applies To your Success
Andre Abouzeid