Cold Market Prospecting Series- 4 Hot Opening Phrases, Taken from my book(Recruiting Mania)

There is a phrase in Direct Selling/Network Marketing Recruiting that we call the 4 Magic Words of Cold Market Prospecting.
These words can open more doors than you ever thought possible. I used them for years, and they opened thousands of doors. They also help recruit many people.
What would that phrase be? “Maybe You Can Help me.” These words can open doors, create curiosity, and open the hearts of many people to give you a helping hand in your Business.
You may be wondering what do you say after those words. After all, what happens if that phrase gets someone’s attention? What do you do? What do you say? This brings us to the Golden Law of Cold Market Prospecting:
“Recruiting Starts after the initial Contact…”
What does that mean? We found that if we didn’t try to recruit them to our business right away, but waited till the second meeting or even third, our ratio for success went up.
And it went up tremendously. Many people have a tendency to jump into a conversation with a new prospect, without realizing that it may require some time to develop the relationship, and even give it time to BE THE RIGHT TIME to pursue the conversation full force.
Million Dollar Tip: Don’t become a Cold Market “ATTACK RECRUITER.” Give your cold prospect room to breathe, and let a rapport start to develop a little.
If the prospect is cold to the idea, give it some time. Hold more conversations.
The desire to help may be there, but give it time to grow and be revealed. A lot of times, it won’t happen immediately, due to the initial lack of any interest on the prospects part, or bad experiences with others.
Wait till the second conversation to bring up your desire to seek them for your business, or who they might know. This is only professional, and you are giving the relationship time to solidify and then mature into a real possible friendship.
If you jump the gun too quick in Cold Market recruiting, you will end up shooting yourself in the foot. Here are the “4 HOT Phrases for Cold market Prospecting” These are mainly for people that you will meet in the business community when Net-Working your business, which you should be doing all the time!
The 4 Hot Phrases for Cold Market Prospecting:
1) “I am a professional in the community like you.”
2) “I love networking with other professionals.”
3) “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.”
4) “Would you be open to some coffee sometime?”
Let’s take a look at these powerful opening phrases:
1) “I am a professional in the Community.” This states an important fact: You are one of them. And this will create the start of a CONNECTION right off the bat, and also establish who you are to the Cold prospect, from one professional to another. Network Marketing is a profession, and you need to start treating it like one, if you are not.
2) “I love networking with other professionals.”
This states one thing: You value other professionals as a resource. And you also show that you appreciate the fact that networking does work in the business world And also that as a resource, a professional has value to you and your Network Marketing business, and vice versa.
3) “Maybe there is a way we could help each other.” This establishes that you are willing to Increase and Improve your prospects business and life. And also you do care about helping people, plus you are showing Potential value right upfront.
4) “Would you be open for coffee sometime?” This is the proactive part of it, and it simply gives them a chance to engage the budding relationship,or not. Most professionals do have an interest in increasing their business, so you will get some interest, and some time with many of them. But if they say they are not interested?
Be a professional, and thank them for their time and wish them well. And see if you can get a card for a a whatsapp thank you note to text them. “May I at least have a card in case I run across someone who would want your services?”
Understand that you as a Direct Selling/Network marketing professional, should be out weekly meeting folks who may need your opportunity and looking for you. But most don’t do that as they stay tied to one or two ways to prospect.
You need Multiple Lead Vehicles in Direct Selling/Network Marketing. Millionaires Secret: Millionaires in this business have multiple lead generating vehicles working for them, all the time, everywhere, with anyone who is looking. In your Cold market Prospecting, make sure of this: You put yourself on the other side of the table and think about how would you like to be approached, and treated. Then do it, with these phrases or variations of them. And turn your Cold prospect into a warming up prospect then eventually into a good friend. It worked for me for years, and I was blessed to build huge organizations with these Cold Market Prospecting Phrases for Network Marketing Recruiting.
To your Success,
Andre Abouzeid