Points to remember (Senegal Event)

  1. Everyone has a right time to pursue your opportunity: No simply means “Not Now”, it’s not definite. Be patient, keep your prospect on the follow up list, until the right time comes for them to join you. Example: I’ve been offered to join 2 network marketing companies earlier in 1996 and 1997 but I wasn’t interested, because I wasn’t looking. It wasn’t the right to for me that time, because my mindset was seeking a salaried job not an opportunity. Another Example: Resturant signboard, or advertisement: everyday you might be driving next to a restaurant signboard but you only stop and eat if you are hungry.
  2. Never prejudge anyone based on their appearance, or current situation. Example: Imagine if anyone of the previous people who I delivered packages to while I use to work for FedEx, prospected me and sign me up? They all have prejudged my current situation and appearance and never thought I could be the right prospect for this business . This caused them to loose $15,000,000 in lost income, just because they prejudged and never tried to prospect me.
  3. Posture: This is a business that almost everybody or almost 85% of the population need. So treat it with respect and confidence. Never show weakness or lack of confidence while prospecting. Never try to explain it or present it in a rush, just fix the appointment. We cannot tell the prospect anything until we can show him everything.
  4. Don’t be affected by other people’s opinion: When an opportunity shows up, follow your instinct, and do listen to unqualified advises from people who have never done network marketing before. If you want to learn how to fly planes, you should only take advises from successful pilots. If I have listened to my parents, close friends and relatives opinion, i would have never joined or continued and would have lost more than $15 Million in income and would have wasted 18 years of my life that will never come back.
  5. Develop a believe in your company and your products: You have to be your own best customer first, so your believe in your products grows. Use all the products whenever possible, and never use brand X products outside your company, if your company is providing it. You should develop the believe that your company and products provide value, and your prospects have nothing to loose and everything to gain. Example: “What kind of message you send to your prospect if you are talking about your watches, and you are wearing Brand X watch not your company’s watch while presenting?”
  6. Facts Tell, Stories Sell: Always start your presentations and end them with stories. Create your own story to start with, even though you’ve just got started. consult with your upline and leaders in your support line to help you come up with your own story. Stories connect with other people emotionally. Stories deliver the message in a easy way. Stories are always remembered.
  • Use videos: To create the bigger emotional picture
  • Use your company’s
  • Your prospect can relate to other people stories who are like them or in a similar situation.
  • Collect more and different stories by attending all your company’s events, rub shoulders with people in your company at the events, learn their stories, record them, so you can leverage your results by using them while doing the business.
  • Record all testimonials (Video or Audio), so you can use them in your business building.
  • Refer to these links to learn more on how to make your story and use them: https://achieversclub.co/praesent-fringilla-mauris/

7. Find your prospect’s pain before delivering your presentation: By asking qualifying questions to know your prospect and listening to their pains, before offering the solution. Act as a consultant or doctor, diagnose before prescribing your solution. More details on the process will be found in my books that will be released soon and in my trainings. Check out these two links for more details on the process:



8. Cold Market is a Gold Market: Harry my upline was a total stranger when he approached me at FedEx. He managed to sign me up just by prospecting me. Check out my books and this link for more details:

9. Law of average works: Don’t wait until you learn everything to get started. The only way to learn how to swim is to jump into the pool. Same thing goes with learning how to drive. You need to study the signs and laws, alongside practicing with your driving instructor until you mater it. You will make accidents, but it ok its part of learning and growing. Same goes with your new business venture. So don’t wait, work the numbers until you master the skills. Check out more details on: https://achieversclub.co/the-numbers-never-lie/

10. Follow the system: Don’t try to re-invent the wheel. Don’t try to complicate things, or do things your way. Having a Step by step duplicable system that worked for others successfully, is essential for accelerating your success in this business.

11. Walk the Talk: Lead by example by modelling the behaviour, not only by telling them what to do. You always have to stay in the field until you have enough leaders that take you over and max you out.

12. Take Ownership: This is your own business. You are the CEO and the founder of your own enterprise.

  • If your upline quit, it doesn’t mean that you have to follow. My direct upline quitted, if I would have followed I won’t make it up to today.
  • You should develop relations and contacts with 5 levels of your upline sponsorship line.
  • seek up for different point of reference even if you have to create a direct relation with your company’s founders in order to support your business and your team.
  • Be a lion, don’t be sheep: By stepping up as a leader and taking the lead, move forward. Don’t be a sheep by just following others in your upline and wait for them to solve your problems.

13. Become a Master of your profession: If you to reach the Million Dollar Plus a year Club, you’ve got to treat it as a business, and be dedicated to master your profession:

  • Keep on learning new skills, upgrade yourself continuously. Apply what you learn right away, don’t sleep on it.
  • Spend daily self development time.
  • Stay in the field, never stop doing the business, that got you where you are or that will get you where you want.
  • Think outside the box: Don’t only limit yourself learning from one source. Learn from other successful people in the similar industry, but stay focused on your own company and with your people.
  • Keep on attending all possible company events.

14. Maintain your daily commitment: stick to your daily method of operation, and your business will take off.

15. Handling “No Time Excuse”: I use to work 12 hours a day, 6 days a weeks, 3 different shifts. I realised that I didn’t have enough time to build the business. So I said to myself, if I don’t find the time now to do the business for the next 2 to 5 years, then I will never have the time to enjoy the rest of my life. I will never have time to enjoy the lifestyle that I choose, not the lifestyle that others choose for me.

So I have to invent the time now in order to have all the time in the world, after 2 to 5 years from now, by:

  • Reducing the sleeping hours, rather than sleeping for 8 hours, I slept for 4 hours a day.
  • Cut off my useless unproductive TV time, and hanging out with friends time.
  • I practiced delayed gratification method: Sacrifice only 2 to 5 years then choose the lifestyle of your choice.

16. Never Give up or Cool Down: Along the journey in building your business, you will face obstacles. Be like an ant: When an ant find an obstacle (Block) it finds different ways to pass it:

  • Be determined to reach your goal, despite all the obstacles you face. Go around it, above or under it. Commit to whatever it takes. Example: When I was about to give up after 6 month of trying and failing continuously, I attended an event and asked the top earners at that event, and observed what they are doing. After talking to them, I found out that they are not better than me.
  • If they can do it, I can do it too.

17. Don’t fire your boss too soon: The time will come when you can financially be stable to do it. Your monthly income from your part time business should be at least 3 to 4 times more than your full time job income, in order to sustain, survive and re-invest in your business to make it stable.

18. Learn to Operate independently: Master to be independent from your upline as soon as possible.

Use your upline only for testimonial support, or other types of support that you cannot do yourself. Don’t expect your upline to support you forever.

19. Prove them Wrong: When your family, close friends and relatives don’t join you and worse try to to discourage you, which was my case when I’ve got started. I have taken it as a challenge, instead of being defeated by their negativity and discouragement:

  • I made 30 to 40 prospecting calls a days, working out the Law of average, with he intention to prove them wrong in my mind and my heart, because I have faith in what I am doing.
  • You can do the same: Just increase your activities and don’t listen to them. Because they Don’t know what they Don’t know. Later when they see your results, they will be along your side.

20. Prepare Your new recruit against virus: Give your new recruits a vaccine, preparing them for facing those negative people and Nay sayers, specially from their closest people.

  • Teach them the right way to invite people.
  • Tell them not to presnet the business directly to their close friends, family or relatives. Use upline expert or 3rd party tools.
  • While prospecting, get appointments only to show them a proper full presentation.
  • People don’t know what they don’t know. It’s people’s nature to spread negativity, so get your new recruits prepared.
  • Decide to become a bullet proof and don’t let the words of others knock you down.
  • You won’t let anyone talk bad about your Faith or your family, so don’t let the, talk negative about your business that will take you to your dreams and goals.
  • Focus on Why you started your business, your ultimate goal.

20. Eye Contact: Look your prospect in the Eye, because eye contact conveys:

  • Confidence
  • Builds rapport and trust
  • Shows your believe in your subject and sincerity

Check out this link for your Vaccination: https://achieversclub.co/your-vaccine/

21. Network through your links: every person you recruit in your network, is a door way for at least 100 people that they know, that you don’t. So when I recruit someone, I will make sure to have a copy of their warm market list. Because their warm market list becomes my warm market list. Now as I become a mutual friend, I am not a stranger anymore when I make a phone call and introduce myself as a friend of a friend.

  • Apply this method for the inactive people, in your team. Or the ones who got switched off.
  • The way I have done it, example: “Hey Marwan, I know that you are not willing to do the business right now, but you might have people in your contact list that are looking for this opportunity, would you identify the top 5 sharpest people in your list that you know, just give me their names and numbers and I will make the phone calls, along with you if possible, and if they are interested I will put them in your downline.

22. Remain Focused: Don’t be distracted or affected by other offers. You as a marketer will be approached with many shiny offers along the way, your upline might try to drag you into another company or deal, it happened with me. Be strong and stay focused.

23. You can lead the horse to the water, but your cannot force the horse to drink: the way to deal with people who are inactive or switched off:

  • Either you have to convince the horse that he is thirsty, show them their reality they are living in now, and when are they willing to change?
  • Show them success of other people they know, or people who joined almost same time with them and how they made it successfully, so they wake up and resize that they have wasted time.
  • Don’t tell them , or order them. People don’t like to be told what to do. Success stories, testimonials are effective motivational tools.

24. Treat it like a business: It works if you work it. Image yourself that you’ve borrowed the money from the bank and Invested $1 million to start the business. How do you treat it?

25. Choose your circle of Influence: Who are the people that you are going to spend your time with in the next 2 to 5 years?

In my case, I’ve got busy building my career, and didn’t have time to spend with those old friends even relatives, who never support my mission. Because I know that they are not gonna pay my bills. So I decided to change my circle of influence for the next 5 years, and be around people that have same goals and can lift me higher, and avoided people that are negative and try to drag me down.

To your Success, God Bless

Andre Abouzeid