Positive Down, Negative Up

Network Marketing is a very emotional business because its a people’s business. And when people are involved you will face problems.

Our job as leaders is to constantly make sure that everyone in our team is focused and positive.

Share only Positive talks with your down-line, Avoid Negative talks about others in the same Company at all cost

We have to protect the fragile psyche of every single person in our down-line.

All it takes is one problem to come up and it get your downlines to switch off.

The problem might not even be theirs, it might be the one they heard that other people are talking about.

The word of mouth Industry that we are at, good news travel fast, but bad news travel 10 time more than the good news.

So how do we control the psychological environment within our team to success?

Find every reason for positive communications with the team constantly. Get everyone doing this. You can speak excitement and believe into existence.

People are attached to positive people, who would like to uplift the spirit of others.

As leaders, people are watching everything we do and listen to everything we say.

Read, watch and listen to daily self development materials when you start your day, and while driving and traveling, utilizing the dead time and making it productive towards your advancement.

This keeps me always in the positive zone.

Anytime there is a negative issue to be dealt with, should only go to upline.

If you talk negative about others to your down line, it will bit you back and affects your income

Don’t spread poison on your people. Upline up to the company are the only people that you should bring the problems to.

If you ever take your problems down to your team, this can and will cause the team to stop being productive and focus on your stuff instead.

Here is the important question?:

Why you want to bring the morale of people down I see you ? Because if you do that, it hurts your income. There is a never valid reason to do so. If you try to put someone down it reflects back on you as week person, and people in your network will do the same to you.

We are all traveling on the same ship. We all have to take responsibility to protect our ship from sinking.

Your upline mentors are the right people to consult with and better to confront privately away from the network.

Remember Always positive down.

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid