Power Words for Getting you closer to a Yes decision

Taken from my book (Power words—-) will be released soon.
It’s not about the presentation. It’s not about the Cost.
It is all about the magical first few moments when a you meets a prospect (Potential Partner). What happens? In the first few Moments prospects make an instant decision to:
1. Trust you. Believe you.
2. Turn on the salesman alarm. Put on the “too-good-to-be-true” filter. Be skeptical. Look for “the catch.” That decision is immediate, and unfortunately, usually final.
Learn how to build that bond of trust and belief with prospects in seconds. How?
By talking directly to the decision-making part of the brain, which is the subconscious mind. You will learn easy power words and simple, natural techniques that you can master right away. –Andre Abouzeid
Throughout my professional life in direct selling, and going through many trials and errors, as well as implementing different learned techniques acquired from different professionals, my life’s work has been dedicated to the forgotten art of spoken communication and the power that the right words at the right time can have to achieve the right results.
Quite often the decision between a prospect choosing you over someone else depends on your ability to know exactly what to say, when to say it and how to make it Count.
This is a summarized version taken from my book, that prepares you for nearly every known eventuality and provides you with a fair advantage in almost every conversation.
Congratulations, reading my article and willing to implement the methods tells me that you are open-minded about change and are serious about your personal success.
Wouldn’t that shock you to see people involved in the same businesses in which people have the same products and same resources, some people struggle to make it , and yet others cannot stop finding more success. Yet both are using the same presentation, same tools, same system and materials, and attending all the trainings. But very few people make it and others don’t get the results they are looking for. Despite their differences in attitude and endeavor, these successful people, I have learned, have one thing in common: they know exactly what to say, how to say it and how to make it count. This realization has had me fascinated with the difference a subtle change of words can make to the outcome for the whole conversation, and it has fueled my Study of the precise triggers that cause a shift in a person’s belief System.
Let me explain a little about what these Power Words are. Power Words are sets of words that talk straight to the subconscious brain. The subconscious brain is a powerful tool in decision-making because it is preprogrammed through our conditioning to make decisions without over-analyzing them.
It works a little like a computer-it has only “yes” and “no” outputs and can never land on a “maybe.” It is strong and decisive and moves quickly. Using words that talk straight to the part of the brain that is free from maybes and responds on reflex gives you a fair advantage in conversation and can result in you getting your own way more often.
If you are looking for examples of where your subconscious has served you, here are some simple ones: 1. Assisting your routine on a familiar journey: like driving daily to your work, subconsciously without thinking you will choose your routine ways.
2. If you walk down a street and someone smiles at you, you automatically smile back.
3. If we are shopping, and a sales clerk sneaks up behind us and says, “Can I help you?” … we automatically say, “Oh no. I am just looking.”
4. If we walk on an elevator and there is a stranger already there, we automatically stand as far away as possible, but still face the stranger.
5. If someone asks us, “How are you doing?” … without even thinking, we automatically reply, “Fine Thank you,” or “I’m good thanks” depending on our internal programs. We all rely on our subconscious brain daily to get us through everything that happens without us having to process, compute and take care of every decision all by ourselves.
These words are tried, tested and proven to deliver results when applied properly. The advice is aimed at increasing your business success, but every principle discussed is easily transferable into any industry and every area of life, to help you become more persuasive and influential and have a bigger impact in all that you do.
My advice is to try them for yourself as soon as possible, getting more comfortable and confident each time you do. Everything are may sound simple, but simple does not necessarily mean easy. Get comfortable being uncomfortable.
I am excited to hear about your results, so please connect with me on your chosen social platform and share your experiences. To your Success, Now here are the words:
  1. Open Minded:
If you talk to anyone and start your sentence with:
  1. Are you open minded for…?
  2. How Open minded are you to …?
  3. It seems that you are an open minded person…
It works 99.9% in your favor. Everybody wants to be open-minded. EXAMPLES Here are a few examples of the words in practice:
  1. How open-minded would you be at looking at ways of making money working part time along with your commitment. “Works effectively While prospecting”.
  2. Would you be open-minded about giving this a chance? “Works well while closing the presentation or follow up”
  3. How open-minded are you about increasing your monthly income? “works with prospecting”
  4. Would you be open-minded about seeing if we could work together? “works with Prospecting, closing the presentation, or follow up”
  5. How open minded would you be to work this full time and fire your boss? “If you want to motivate your new business partner to dream big”
  • All of these options makes it very difficult for the other person to reject your idea, and it at least makes them feel obligated to explore the possibility. It seems like you are giving them a choice, when really you are heavily weighting the only option you are giving them. Put simply, “How open-minded are you about at least trying it?” When introducing a new idea, start with, “How open-minded are you?” This will naturally attract people toward the very thing that you’d like them to support. Everybody wants to be open-minded.
  • In the next coming Words I will only illustrate the short versions of each word definition. The Full version of elaborated explanations will be included in my Book .
2. It might be for you or not, there is no Obligation
One of the most common reasons I hear from people as to why they fail to introduce their idea, to others is the fact that they are fearful of the rejection they might receive.
Causes the listener’s subconscious brain to hear, “There’s no pressure here.” By suggesting that they may not be interested, you naturally increase their intrigue.
To be continued in My Book that will be related soon
To your success,
Andre Abouzeid