Promoting taken from my book (Street Smart Network Building)

KEY Leadership Skills you need to Master

1. Promoting
2. Recognition
3. Two On One Presentation (EXPERT)

One of the most valuable skills in our business is the skill of promoting. Promoting is leadership in action. Promoting means getting people to do things they might otherwise not do, or do as much or as consistently. In network marketing, we promote:
• Events: The more prospects your team has at business presentations, the more your business grows. The more Business associates you have at trainings and big events, the more your team produces and produces new sign ups (new recruits).
• Tools: Promoting tools gets more prospects watching videos, listening to conference calls, and visiting websites. The more who watch, the more who sign up.
• People: You promote the speakers and trainers and your upline, by Edifying them saying nice things about them at make people more likely to trust them, listen to them, and follow them.
Wealth warning: Separate your emotions from your business. Never involve your prospect in your personal problems with your upline, or any other business associate, if you want your business to grow exponentially.

  • Avoid all type of negative talks and gossips with anyone in your business, and don’t entertain such a behaviour. I have witnessed many hard working, motivated team members, but with less than expected income results, because of the gossips and conflicts that could been avoided with their top producers in their team. When someone comes up with a negative talk about another business associate, practice changing the subject.
  • Contests: If Your company or your team is running a promotion or contest, you’ll get more Business partners in your team to recruit more and perform more by promoting the promotion.
  • Culture: When you create the culture of daily activity, your team will develop better habits. When you promote the team calls, more of your team will get on the calls. When you promote consistency, your team will be more consistent. Whatever culture you apply and promote, your team will duplicate.
  • Promoting doesn’t mean “announcing”. Promoting means helping people feel excited about achieving something important to them.
    Promoting is a skill and it can be learned. Whatever it is that you are promoting, Start by showing people that you are excited about it and you are “going for it yourself.
    Talk about the benefits money, recognition, prizes, bonanza, Yacht trip, Luxury trip…
    Create a sense of urgency by pointing out time limits, deadlines, and price increases. As you get closer to the deadline, remind them that time is running out.
    Share stories about what other successful people in the company, what they are doing, or have done, and how they are moving up the ranks and earning more income.
    Ask for your team’s commitment to doing the activity or qualifying for the promotion. Encourage them and share your expectations.

Help them by offering to coach them, make calls with them, and talk to their prospects or team.

The other Points are discussed in details in my book.

To your success,

Andre Abouzeid