Best opening lines for prospecting

These lines can be used when you meet the prospect in  any situation :

If there is a way to generate income that you are looking for, and if it wouldn’t interfere with your busy time schedule, would you be open to looking at a big opportunity?

I have something important I need to show you, it will only take about 45 minutes, you may or may not be interested. Can we connect at (day/time)?

If I send you a short video to watch about a great business venture , and can make you serious money, would you give it 8 minutes to watch it?

I’m sick and tired of the long hours working for someone making them money, and not getting paid what I’m worth. Not getting ahead, not building something for me. Lots of people seem to feel the same way, wanting something more. Does that relate to your too ?(Await the YES)

Indirect approach for people you’ve already tried to recruit into a business before:

Who do you know who works a lot of hours and would be open to looking at an opportunity to earn more while working less?

To your Success,

Andre Abouzeid