Rebuilding momentum

Your group is tired. No “get-up-and-go.” The same three people attended your weekly meetings.
Your group discussions are about company politics and the “good old days,” not about future plans and goals.
You are keeping most of your loyal Partners, but they aren’t doing anything. Your group volume decreases slightly every month.
Your organization has matured and growth is a thing of the past. Even your training meeting had the same three people attending.
Multilevel groups are always on the move. Either they grow or they shrink. It’s impossible to freeze your group’s success. If your group is not growing – you have a problem.
Want to guarantee your group’s decline? It’s easy. Just stop working and watch. Your group will do the following:
1. Stop recruiting and start evaluating. “Hey, let’s get a grip on things here. I think I should sit back and take a hard look at my business, you know, do a little planning.”
2. Watch their volumes decline. Unfortunately, evaluating does not qualify as a business-building tool. Recruiting activities build business.
3. Become negative because their volumes decline. Everyone gets on edge when volumes decline. Negative attitudes produce the next step.
I am sure you might be going through this experience or probably you’ve seen somebody going through it. I hope you will get out of it.
There is no Short cut, There is no Substitute for hard Work. Your Title doesn’t make you Duplicate success in this Business.
Its just another illusion.
If you Observe the Picture posted with this Article:
This illustration was an incredible reminder to me today of all the work that goes into success. There are no shortcuts. There are no overnight successes.
Success means work.
Icebergs have two parts: What people see (above the surface) and what people don’t see (below the surface).
If you’re like me, you get mesmerized by someone’s “above the surface” success and don’t count all the costs they paid to get there (below the surface).
Here are the “below the surface” costs of success:
  1. Dedication
  2. Hard work
  3. Good habits
  4. Disappointment
  5. Sacrifice
  6. Failure
  7. Persistence
  8. Success takes work.

Is your dream worth the cost? If not, get a better dream.

If so, get back to work.

To Your Success.
Andre Abouzeid