Using 3rd Party Tools To expose information to your prospects (Taken from my book “Street Smart Network Building) Updated Article

Published on: Sep 13, 2018 @ 03:29, Updated on Feb 22, 2019

Why I recommend 3rd party tool to do the first exposure to prospects?

Most new people who join our business, people in your team, lack the confidence to deliver a good presentation to their prospect. They lack confidence and believe in the company, products and the Industry.

Most of your people also have a fear to call their prospect and don’t know how to handle the invite, either a phone or personal invite. The last thing they want to is to be embarrassed with their family and friends.

The average new people joining your business, think they have to learn everything, master the techniques, so they don’t get started. This is where the Third Party tools come into place.

• 3rd party” means anything or anyone but you.

  1. The First reason is that the tools and events gives people in your team instant CREDIBILITY.
    A company produced video, for example, with professional production standards and the best speakers, is usually more impressive and persuasive than a team member providing his or her summary of what the business is all about. Especially when the partner is new and he doesn’t have a successful track record to point to yet.
    If your company doesn’t have enough prospecting tools, you can use professionally produced third party tools, like the one I have created:

In English:


Arabic version :

The tools “remember” all the facts and deliver a professional Presentation every time.

When you use third party tools, it doesn’t matter what the prospect think about you., it’s about the company, the products, and the opportunity.

2. The second reason we use tools and events to present the information is it keeps the business simple , that it saves us a lot of TIME. Instead of spending an hour or two with each prospect, you can send a video presentation to ten people or take 30 seconds to invite ten or twenty people to visit your team website or YouTube video.

3. The third Reason is Consistency:

3rd Party tool gives a consistent message to all prospects.

4. The Fourth reason we use third party tools and events is DUPLICATION.

Duplication is the key to growing a big network marketing business.

Most people cannot give a good presentation on their own, and don’t take to initiative to learn how to deliver powerful presentations, while only few people can deliver great presentations.

Duplication occurs when you use a system that anyone Can use. A brand new partner, should be able to do the same thing their sponsor did with them.

Even if you can do the presentation, prospects will judge your business based on what they see you do. If you do something they think they can’t do, or don’t have the time to do, there’s a good chance they won’t Sign up.

If you do an hour to two presentation with them, they will think they need to spend 1 to 2 hours with each of their prospects presenting to them. What if they think they can’t do that presentation? What if they think they wouldn’t have the time?

If you give a perfect presentation without using tools, they will think that they have to master the presentation before they can do the business. So they eventually not sign up.

3rd Party tools removes you from the equation:

If you send them to a web page to go to, or an online video to watch, your prospects will see that this is something they can do as well.

Everyone can send a link to a website or an online video. Everyone, can open a PowerPoint on his phone or tablet, and use it as a tool or a guidance to present in an organized way. Everyone can play videos on his gadget with headsets, but Not everyone can do a full presentation.

In a traditional business, you do what works. In network marketing, you do what duplicates.

Example of Third Party Tools:

  1. Videos: Short Prospecting Videos (below 10 minutes) , Presentation Videos, company profile, Products videos, Testimonial videos.
  2. Powerpoint Slides: You can have professionally produced Powerpoint presentation slides that everyone in your team can use, to share with their prospects, or to guide them where to start and finish.
  3. Group Presentations or (BOM) Business Opportunity Meetings: Home, Meeting rooms, hotels. These provide more information and social proof.
  4. Conference Calls (Video and Audio): These are short presentations either pre-recorded Audio presentation, or a 3 way call with upline, followed by questions and answers.

EXPOSE After you have the prospect’s attention, you do an. “exposure,” meaning you show them (expose them to) the information.

Don’t explain the information, or do the presentation yourself. Use a “third party” tool like an online video, website, recorded voice mail message, or a live event, where another Independent business owner, does the presentation