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You’ve sat down with your potential business associate , shared your story, and presented your opportunity, now what? How are you going to close so that you have the best chance of getting your prospect to Get Involved ?
I have a simple closing methodology that works in every situation and country, with every age group and gender. And it consists of only 3 questions.
(page 35) “Step 4: Help them Make the Decision:”
Move them into the process in learning, and discovering more what is available. Most of us do it in a wrong way like asking: What do you think ? or what would you like to do? Or do you want to sign up…? WRONG.
Here we forced them to take the decision, and maybe they are not ready yet so they will through an objection, like: I need to think it over, I don’t have money or whatever.
The correct way of doing it: Use a skill:
Give them Options:
1st Way : What did you like Best?
Instead of asking your potential partner (What do you think?) replace it with (What did you like Best?), if you ask “What did you like best?”, you’ll get completely different answers. This question invites positive thoughts. In fact, their answers will give you clues as to their level of interest. If they really liked the opportunity, that’ll guide you in a particular direction as you go forward. Or if they like the residual income, flexibility, or the people, then you’ll know to focus on those things.
2nd Way:
Here is another way in moving to this process:
“ That’s basically the information that I want to share with you at this time and if you have no question, I want you to do me a favour. On the Scale of 1 to 10, 1 being not interested at all and 10 being very interested, where do you see yourself?
What’s holding you back from being 10?
Again, this will help you gauge their level of interest, and how much more help they might need to make a decision. You will get a lot of 6s, 7s, and 8s. And that’s great. But what if someone says 2? That’s still not bad! You will have a lot of work to build them up to a higher number, but a 2 still indicates that they have some level of interest. They might just need more than one exposure to get them ready. Just ask them, what can I do to help you get to a higher number? Their answer will help you identify what’s the best follow-up you can use to set up the next exposure. Remember, anything over a 1 is good.
3rd Way: Say this: “This is basically the information I want to share with you at this time, and if you don’t have any more questions, I would like to give you some options where we could go from here”:
  1. You can see the opportunity for yourself and ready to get started. You realize that time is money . We can start right away and Help you out to get started in a right way and offer you the support.
  2. Attracted to the business opportunity, but you need more information. I am ready answer all your questions. I will help to learn everything you need to know about the potential of the business, what it takes to make it happen. so you can make an educated choice.
  3. Maybe you don’t see any value in what I shared and you are not interested.
And that’s OK. I am not here to convince but I am rather seeing if it is a value for you because the value that came to my life, I am obligated to share it with you.
There are two type of people in this world:
  1. The ones that realize the opportunity, decide to change their current situation and take a decision and make it happen. Those are usually the pioneers Entrepreneurs we see around.
2. the others are those that prefer not to take a decision and watch it happen first, then they might get involved later after many years gone watching.
I know this is not for everyone and that’s OK. I appreciate the time that you’ve given me. Do you see any reason for not referring me to your people that you like to help, because I love the chance to gain your relationship.

Act as Consultant

Close With Confidence

With this closing methodology, you will get more prospects to sign up because you are listening to what they want. Don’t tell your Potential partners what to expect with Direct Selling. You may be pitching that they can earn $10,000 a month, $20,000 or 1 Million USD a year, when all they want is $1,000 to help them pay off a credit card debt.
The most successful people in Direct Selling listen to what their Potential Associates actually want, and then show them how those dreams can be fulfilled.
Use this closing, and your confidence will improve. Don’t worry about memorizing these exact words, just learn the general concept. Use this closing, and you will take one more step closer to being a Direct Selling professional!
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