Technology makes it easier But cannot replace Human Interaction

If you ever research the history of our business back, decades ago, you will notice something has changed, which is the technology has been inserted into it.

Technology can only enhance the process and make it easier, more efficient and duplicated, but it cannot replace the human interaction part of it.

Don’t listen to those online marketers trying to sell you on not doing the meetings, and promoting only internet marketing. I haven’t seen anyone making 6 to 7 figure income wearing pyjamas and sitting only behind the computer.

Online Videos and tools work, but they are not enough to build a long term continuous income in our business.  They have to be used within the system, but these tools do not replace your human interactions with prospects.

In my 18 and half years been in this business, I’ve never ever met a top earner or a person with consistent leveraged income that is only building his business online. That’s rubbish doesn’t work. Probably for some times then it stops.

All top producers in this field still do the high touch approaches: talking to people face to face, hosting meetings and events and promoting meetings and events.

That’s how this business was conducted since it’s been found, before the internet.

Then for decades later came the internet. You can email the prospects a link or text them the videos and info.

Some people been dragged into technology and trying to change the trend for totally automating the business and make it only online. That’s not how a walk away leverage income works in this business.

You will not succeed if you try to eliminate the One and ones, personal group meetings, trainings and workshops. This is a people’s business. It’s not an online business.

It’s not fully e-commerce like amazon or other online businesses.

We are into Direct Selling/ Interactive Belly to Belly, Networking with people business still. That’s how word of mouth works through building relationships and long-term relationships not only one strike deal.

Social Media: it’s a good platform to build an image and initially do the prospecting. It’s powerful and effective, but it doesn’t mean it can replace the personal relationship building part.

If you get a prospect excited and signed up into your opportunity through Facebook for example, without having a video call with him or phone call to escalate the process further and turn it into a real relationship, he can also be easily dragged to another deal that looks more exciting on social media.

Nothing can replace the emotional experience your new recruit goes through when he attends an event of other people excited about the same opportunity.

This is a relationship business.

Get to know your recruits their family, Their goals, their dreams.

People don’t Care how much you know

Until they know how much you care.

Be a servant leader for a team that you want To build, put their Goals ahead of yours.

Have you ever wondered why some people stay with the Company for years even

If they don’t have a big financial success?

It’s that they feel that they are part of a family and enjoying a great

personal experience apart from their income.

There is a value for them to surround themselves with success driven oriented people. They enjoy the social bonding and making new friends.

They love being part of a team and part of a mission bigger than themselves you cannot replace the feelings, personal development and feelings that people go through.

Oftentimes people in my team tell me they like to go to weekly meetings and events rather than going home to a stressful environment.

Because it’s uplifting for them. Our business is much more than money. Remember to focus more on them personally, not just only the income aspects in their business.

By being conscious on these factors of relationship building, family building, you will attract and retain more people in your team.

To your Success,

Andre Abouzeid