The Greatest Game In the World (Andre Abouzeid)

You might be thinking that I am talking about the soccer game (Football). The greatest game I am referring to here is the Game of Network Marketing (Direct Selling), Which I refer to The Game of Life.
Network Marketing is similar in some respects to every other game in Capitalism. There are a handful of players and a Large number of crowd just observing the game. But there’s One major distinction. In our industry, anyone can decide to leave the open air public seats at the stadium from being just an observer, and walk down onto the field and become a professional player at any time. It’s all a question of choice and focus.
First, you’ve got to make the choice to become a player, and then you’ve got to ignore the observers sitting at the crowd seats at the stadium.
I am recalling that fact that I have learned at my  mother’s home country of birth, “Czech Republic”, from one of their all time greatest soccer players. I had gone to Prague Stadium along with my cousin, we’ve been invited to the VIP lounge since his dad’s company were the major sponsors of Euro league championship event , and I was privileged to shake hands and get to know in-person, one of the famous Players that time in 1995 “Karel Poborský”, in which I had no idea who he was until I met him along with all the other players at the lounge.
What a celebrity he was. Everywhere we went,people asked for his autograph or a photo with him.
After the game was over, I’ve got the chance to meet him again to hear his story. I became one of his fans and he was my soccer idols, my favourite that time.
He walked me to the empty stadium where he had played so many games in front of Thousands (10000sands ) of screaming Fans and we walked down onto the field.
I was mezmerized by the size of the stadium that time in 1990’s was considered huge, and asked him how in the world he could stay focused in front 19,000 Loud Screaming Crowd. He said,
“Let me show you something. Let’s walk around the field together.
We walked together on either side of a white line that formed the boundaries of the whole field and when we had finished the short walk, he said something significant. He said:
All that matters happens inside those lines.When I ran out onto this field, I
focus on absolutely nothing but what is happening in that rectangle. During the entire game, nothing else exists”. I’ve got it. Networking is the same.
Everybody wants to win, but few are willing to turn in professionals, and still fewer are willing to focus on the only two ways to win: recruiting and Sponsoring. It’s a small field with clear boundaries. Recruit and Sponsor and you Score. Means Present to your directs and work with them by modelling the behaviour.
Work with your directs once you sponsor them, Present to their Directs. The activities that makes you Win: 1on1, 2on1, 3 on1, Presentations, Small group presentations.
Baby-sit and you might as well be right back in the crowd open public seats, drinking beverages and yelling at the players.
Stop recruiting and sponsoring and turn into an instructor you will duplicate the same through your downline and you will have a team of professional trainers and consultants but low volume or no volume.
The only way to reach to the top level, is never deviate from the main Income producing activities, Prospecting, Presenting, Follow Up for your new People and for your existing people. Consistently Day In Day out.
When I first started I set a goal for myself, 2 Presentations a Day Brings Freedom My way.
In Network Marketing, We get paid fairly on Productivity. We won’t get paid on training, years of seniority, Titles. You earn your rank by being more productive. And the only way to win is Producing Volume (New Sales).
Rather than focusing on babysitting, waking up your lazy people, go out recruit new people then sponsor them if they are serious about building, work with them, help them recruit their own.
The way to model the Behaviour in this business, you don’t tell or instruct: Meaing to say rather then Manging your people Telling them: “Go out and Do It, “
You say to them : “Lets go out and Do it together. “
There are many top earners in this business made it by consistently working the 1on1, 2 on ones and small group presentations.
You Don’t have to train a big number of crowd and become a public speaker to make it big in this business.
All you need is consistent activities daily basis.
To your Success.