Three (3Way) Call (Taken from my Book Street Smart Network Building)

A 3-Way Exposure

3-way calls allow new Team members to start signing up their prospects immediately. All they (you) need to do is their show prospects some information (i.e., online prospecting video followed by one or more exposures) and then get them on the phone, or online with another Team member on a 3-way call.

The other expert leader or team member will answer the prospect’s questions, overcome objections, and invite them to get started.

The best way to learn how to close prospects (which you would eventually do for other team members) is to listen to a more experienced team member do it. Here’s how to do a 3-way call.

  1. EDIFY

Before you introduce your prospect to another team member, edify them, that is, speak highly about them to the prospect so that the prospect knows they are speaking with someone they should listen to and respect.

Privately we refer to the other leaders team members as our “expert”. When we speak to prospects, however, we refer to them as our “business partner”. Or we might refer to them as, “Someone who is having a lot success in the business”.

You can edify your expert in terms of their accomplishments with the company For example, you might say that they are “a top leader with your company” or they are “building one of the fastest growing organizations in the business”.

If you can also edify your expert in terms of their accomplishments outside of the company If they are a professional, a business owner, an executive, or another successful career, their background is probably worth mentioning.

If the expert and the prospect have something in common where they live or where they went to school, their Occupation or industry what they like to do for fun it’s can be helpful to also mention this to the prospect. When two people have something in common, they are more likely to relate to each other.


After you edify your expert to your prospect, the next step is to introduce them.

Don’t just call your expert without first making sure they are availale to speak with your prospect. Text them a few minutes before you call your prospect and ask if they are available. (It’s best to have several people in your support line you can call, in case the first one isn’t available).

If your expert is available, i.e., they respond to your text and tell you they can talk, put the prospect on hold and call the expert. Confirm that you have a prospect on hold and tell your expert something about them how you know them, what they have Seen or heard (tools, calls, events, websites), and what they like about what they’ve seen.

If the prospect has questions you want the expert to address, mention these, too.

When the expert gives you the go ahead, connect the three calls (you, the expert, and the prospect). You’ve already edified the expert, so all you have to do is introduce them.

The introduction is easy Say something like, “Mr. Adam [.your expert],I want to introduce you to my friend, Sarah [your prospect]; Sarah, this is Mr. Adam.

Don’t introduce the expert by their first name. Introduce them as “Mr,” “Miss,” “Ms.” or “Mrs,”  Dr. or Professor,(similar terms) , followed by their last name. This shows respect for the expert and reminds the prospect that they are with someone important.

exception to the rule: Unless both of them are your very close friends and you know each other for long time.


Once you have introduced the expert and the prospect, mute your phone,  laptop, listen, and take notes. Someday you will be the expert for other team members, and this is how you learn what to do.

Don’t speak while the expert and prospect are speaking. Don’t interrupt the expert, even if they forget something or they make a mistake. Wait until they bring you into the Conversation, or turn the call over to you.

The expert will answer the prospect’s questions, share a Story or two, and see if the prospect is ready to get started. If they have any objections, the expert will handle them. If the prospect is ready to get started, the expert will close them and turn the call over to you to sign them up.

At the end of the call, thank the expert for their time and assistance.

If the expert tells you to sign up the prospect (as a result of the conversation), go ahead and do that immediately after the call. Don’t ask the prospect if they have more questions or chat with them about how great the business is, sign them up.

If the prospect isn’t ready to sign up and the expert tells you to get them additional information, send them the information and schedule a follow-up.

If the expert invites the prospect to come to a live event and then turns the call over to you, confirm with the prospect when and where you will pick them up, or when and where you will meet them at the event.

If the prospect is long distance from you, ask a senior team member who attends that event (on your team or the speaker or meeting holder) to meet with your prospect at the event.


  • Ask your upline to introduce you to team members in your support line on the team why can do 3-way calls for you. Ask them the best times to reach them, and how they prefer for you to introduce them.
  • Practice doing 3-way calls with your upline and/or other team members in your group before you do one with actual prospects. Take turns playing the part of the team member, Expert, and Prospect. Practice edification and the introduction.
  • As Soon as a prospect sounds like they are interested, put them on the phone with an expert. Listen, take notes, and get them help you sign them up.

For more on how to do a 3-way call, see my other book, Recruiting Mania.