We need to Change to get Better Results-Wisdom to learn from the Falcon

Falcon lives up to 70 years but for Falcon living these ages it is to make a difficult decision. When it become in 40 years old its nail becomes weak that was flexible to capture the prey which is the source of its food.
Its strong and sharp beak becomes crooked and very strong bow.
Because of advanced age, its wings become heavy because of the
heavy weight of feathers and glue to the chest and the air becomes
very difficult for him.
Theses circumstance put the Falcon in front of two options:
Either to succumb to death or puts itself to the painful process of
changing the last 150 days.
The process requires that the Hawk flew to the top of the mountain
where the nest.
The Falcon beats its beak on a rock till its crooked introduction break.
When Falcon finished from break its beak, it waits till its new beak
grows again.
It then broke it claws as well.
After growing its claws, Falcon starts plucking its old feathers.
After five months, the Falcon starts to fly in its new trip as it born again.
Falcons live after this change another 30 years.
Why do you need to change?
In many times, we need to undergo to change if we want to adapt to
the reality.
I know that the process of change may force us to get ride of old
memories and inherent and bad traditions.
Our freedom from the burdens of the past (what is negative) is only
the way to take advantage of our present and planning fro our future

Author: achiever_admin

Andre Abouzeid is an entrepreneur, direct-selling professional, real estate investor, trainer, and author. His motivational story of rising from an employee earning a minimum wage to a self-made entrepreneur will inspire you to want to change your life. For more than 20 years, Andre Abouzeid has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Andre has been helping people become successful and built an organization of over 8 Million distributors and Independent Business Owners globally. He also created a huge mixed portfolio of real estate investment properties: Residential and Commercial in different countries. He has created Entrepreneurship and Wealth Building Resources on Direct Selling, Entrepreneurship and Investments, that helps you and your people overcome challenges he has been through, helping you avoid the painful mistakes he had undergone and learn valuable lessons from taking high risks and from being down, into rising up by turning challenges into victories.