What do you do on daily basis to move forward?

As a network marketing leader, you will become proficient in showing people how to think outside the Box to Manifest great possibilities in their lives.
Leadership Exercise: whether you have just started in your new venture, or you decided to seriously build your existing business, the questions I would like to ask you:
1. What’s your daily operation schedule looks like?
Example: how many presentations you make in a day? Follow up calls? Add New contacts to your contact list for a particular day?
How many days in a week you commit to build your business ?
How many trainings are you willing to bring your people to and you to attend? If you Are a builder how many are you willing to give in a month?
– what daily actions and commitments will you undertake for the next 90 days?
– what actions are necessary for you to experience a breakthrough in your business growth? For example: what are the challenges your are willing to face? What skills are you willing to learn?
Sharing my experience: when I first got started part-time, I had a strategy of 2 presentations a day otherwise I cannot sleep if I miss one. The next day I have to make 3 Presentations in case I missed one.
I have to make every weekend 20 follow up calls for atteneding public presentations, and 20 new prospecting calls, for the next coming week. One public presentation a week. One Basic Training a week, apart from the Getting started trainings that were conducted max within 1 or 2 days from the day on my enrolee got involved in my support line.
I make 40’to 50 follow up calls during the week for all my prospects attended 1on1s and public presentations
In conclusion practicing the law of average works for anyone in this business.
How serious are you about making money in this business?
Don’t wait until you learn the skills, get out there and work the law of averages, skills are to follow.
If you are In a battle filed you have to pull the trigger or you are dead, no time to learn the skills first.
that’s how I’ve got started as an amateur soldier in a battlefield.
  • Effective Network Marketing leaders avoid : Hype, arrogance, and Domination.
  • They instead choose: Sincerity, humility and a commitment to champion and serve others.
They know that projecting a false personality and image destroys their personal effectiveness and ability to manifest their intended results on an organizational basis.
They work effectively by listening to others Prospects and their downline. And looking for ways to guide them through their challenges and showing them their goals.
Leadership exercise: how does your Own leadership style limit your effectiveness?
What qualities you are willing to develop to enhance the abilities to influence others?
Question: What is the definition of Networking?
Networking is the highest level of selling by connecting on a personal level.
Networking is about providing value first then asking for an action next.
To Your Success,
Andre Abouzeid