What you Need to Know First Before Getting Started in Network Marketing (Andre Abouzeid)

Taken from my (Getting Started Training)
Congratulations and Welcome:
By choosing to read and educate yourself about network marketing, you have shown yourself to be a leader. You might be someone who isn’t happy with the status quo, or someone who looking for a better way. You’ve just discovered it. If you are already involved, I would also like to congratulate and welcome you.
Congratulations and welcome. You’ve joined an industry with over 25 million Independent business associates around the world who will do in the neighborhood of 178 billion dollars in 2013 and still growing, according to the most recent data from the World Federation of Direct Selling Associations (WFDSA).http://www.wfdsa.org/files/pdf/global-stats/sales-report-2014.pdf
To be successful in Network Marketing:
First you have to take your business seriously. Just because you haven’t invested hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars into your business doesn’t mean that you can’t earn an income greater than that of many of the top entrepreneurs or businesses. If you run your business like a hobby — you’ll get a hobby income. Run it like a business and you’ll earn a big business income. I mean a Serious Income that have unlimited potential. There are people making more than 1 Million dollars a month, over (12 to 15 million USD) a year in Network Marketing with no Office, no employees, no overheads, and many who are making an average ranging from $250,000 to a $1000,000 a Year.
Anyone from any walk of life can start from almost nothing and make it big in Network Marketing. These are the main 5 misconceptions that hold many people back, in which you Don’t need them to become successful:
1. University Degrees or Diplomas:
Thousands of people have been successful in networking without the benefit of college degrees and the like. I know a person in my network who dropped out of school on the 9th grade and made it Big in my organization earning 6 figure income. Since networking is so unlike other businesses, the rules are different here. It’s quite possible, actually quite common, to build a large successful organization without having any credentials or degrees.
2. Approval from your Spouse, parents, boss and others influencing your life:
You don’t need approval from Of anyone, except yourself. Sometimes even your spouse may not approve of your network marketing business. This is actually a frequent initial response, but we’ve seen thousands of people who have built huge businesses without the help of their spouse. Of course, after that, the spouse usually comes on board enthusiastically and things really take off.
One of the hardest facts of business to face is that not everybody is ready for success, or is as enlightened as you. Don’t be at all surprised to find that some of your closest friends and family members will ridicule you; not join your organization and/or even listen to a presentation; question your sanity; ask why someone with a “real” job would “mess around with one of those multi-level deals”; or all of the above.
I’ve faced all of these from my parents, close friends and family. But when results starts showing up many will side you.
Thank them for their input and get away from them as quickly as possible.
3. YOU don’t really Need Friends & Family in Your Network to become successful, Nor You don’t have to be well connected in order to make it big.
Now please don’t misunderstand; if you get them in your group, great! I know families with three generations in their networking business and it’s a beautiful thing to behold. Other times, the hardest presentation you ever give might be to a family member or best friend. Sometimes you just can’t be a prophet in your own hometown. Direct selling is full of individuals who have built networks in the thousands without having a single member of their family, or so-called best friends, in their group. I know, because I’m one of them. I’ve been a FedEx delivery boy with lowest wage category and not much contacts and credibility and made it big in this profession.
A Total stranger has brought me into this profession, and I was able to sponsor strangers and now became my best friends and successful bothers and sisters for life.
4. Avoid listening to cheap Advices from other people not Successful in Network Marketing.
Oftentimes a new Business associate will get involved with network marketing and get all kinds of well- meaning advice from friends who have never built a networking business. If you want to know how to fly airplanes, you must get advice from an expert pilot. If you want to build a network, look at your sponsorship line and find someone who has already built a large network. Those are the people to seek out for advice.
5. Perfection: Noting is Perfect in life or in any business.
There is no perfect company, product line, or compensation plan. Like every- thing in nature, it must evolve. Your job is to look at the whole picture — and if the pluses outweigh the minuses — get started. If you sit around waiting for perfection — you’ll be waiting forever. Don’t make the mistake many Inexperienced new comers make which is to think that they can’t do anything until they have done lots of research, tried every single product, read every scrap of literature and completely understood every minute detail of the compensation plan. The important thing is to get started and learn as you go.
Here are 3 things you do need to be successful in Network Marketing :
1. A strong Burning Desire
A desire to really do this and get out of trading time for money trap forever. If you really understand this business and have a true desire to help yourself and others — you’re already 90% there. Most people are happy with the way things are. People who desire better are the ones who change the world.
2. Enthusiasm And Eagerness to be a lifelong student of the profession
I can’t begin to tell you how many times I have seen brand new business associates — with no training, no experience and no in-depth knowledge — go out and build a network of twenty or thirty people their first month. They don’t do this with skill, knowledge or technique — they just muscle it through with sheer, unadulterated enthusiasm. Approach this adventure with the excitement it deserves; don’t attempt it — jump in, roll up your sleeves, make up your mind and just do it!
3. Action
If you’re waiting for the perfect plan — the perfect plan is to take action. You have to get started. Will you make mistakes? Of course you will! But, we’re not brain surgeons here; nobody’s going to die. Mistakes are part of the learning process and strengthen you for the long term. What ever you learn new skills, techniques from trainings apply them on your daily basis.
To Summarize it Commit on doing those 3 things consistently your first 2 to 5 years in Network Marketing until it Takes Off by itself:
Your Next step is Get started and get in touch with the person enrolled you to show you the Getting Started System.
Wish you all the best,
To your success.