Why many Sales People fail in Network Marketing, and Non Sales-type Make it BIG (Andre Abouzeid) PART-1 -Ar

Over the years, Its been noticed that some experienced salespeople can have a difficult time making the transition to Network Marketing.
When putting together a Network Marketing organization, it’s better to sponsor 10 good TEACHERS than 10 good sales people. Of course, sales professionals can be a tremendous asset to your organization if—They Follow a Step by step Duplication system followed by your company or your top company leaders or Top Network Marketing Professionals.
Most people get confused by the statement above, but remember; they still don’t understand that Network Marketing is a teaching and training business thats why I am mentioning Sponsoring new people not recruiting sales professionals, or selling new clients.
We are NOT sponsoring people into a direct sales organization (One Time sales). We ARE sponsoring them into a Network Marketing program.

The Importance of Sponsorship

Another thing that differentiates Network Marketing from direct sales is the SPONSORING of other distributors (sometimes called Independent Business Owners, Independent Representatives (IRs or IBOs). In direct sales, and even in some Network Marketing companies, it’s called RECRUITING. But they are two different terminologies if you explore further.
You SPONSOR someone then TEACH them how to do what you are doing, so they are able to develop a BUSINESS OF THEIR OWN.
Recruiting: The Definition of Recruiting on the other hand by dictionary is to hire trained professionals to do a job, by keep on adding people to the organization. There is no commitment to their success. Anyone who recruits without providing the necessary training and support will ultimately fail. The attrition rate of unsupported ―recruits is very high.
When you SPONSOR people, you are making a COMMITMENT to them. If you are not willing to make that commitment, then you are doing them a disservice by signing them up.
At this point, all you need to be is WILLING to help them to build a business of their own.
It is a RESPONSIBILITY of a sponsor to teach the people they bring into a business all they know about that business. Things such as Basic company and products orientation, keeping records, how to get started, how to build and train their organization, etc.
SPONSORING is what makes a Network Marketing business grow. As your organization grows, you are building toward becoming an INDEPENDENT, SUCCESSFUL businessperson. You are your OWN BOSS!
With direct selling companies, you work for the company. If you decide to quit that company and move to another area, you end up having to start all over again. In almost all of the Network Marketing programs that I am aware of, you can move to another region—or to another continent!—and sponsor people without losing the volume generated by the group you left behind.
Much of the time, the problem you will have with a sales person, is that when they see the high quality of the products you represent, they want to take off and just start selling. They can put their own presentation together; they don’t need us to tell them how to do do the business—they’re the professionals. They think they Know it all.
The point is, we don’t want to tell them how to sell. However, we do want to teach them how to SPONSOR, TEACH and BUILD a large successful Network Marketing organization.
Sales professionals, and anyone for that matter, can do just that WITHOUT SELLING ANYTHING in the normal sense and definition of the word ―selling.
If you don’t take the time to sit down with them and explain a few simple things about Network Marketing, and why it is different than direct selling, then the tendency is for them to go off in the wrong direction.

Making the Presentation :

I’m going to get into teaching mode here. Keep in mind that when you begin to form your own Network Marketing organization, you’ll be making this presentation yourself.
Most people think (and especially sales people) that if you sponsor someone, you have duplicated your effort, means they will do the same and sponsor someone by-themselves (Draw two circles. One under the other.) There was one, and now there are two. It sounds logical, but it’s not true.
The reason why it’s not true is that if the person represented by the top circle—who is you, the sponsor—goes away, the one he or she sponsored will go away also; that person won’t continue on. You must
explain to the people in your organization that if they truly want to duplicate themselves they have to be at least THREE LEVELS DEEP. Only then are they DUPLICATED!
Imagine your own sponsor dropped out (Stopped doing the business) before you had an opportunity to see if the program really did work: you would probably assume that it doesn’t work, because it didn’t work for your sponsor. After all, he or she is your sponsor and certainly must know more about it than you.
3-Deep Duplication is Crucial
Let’s say that you’re here in the Figure on your left. (Write “You” in the top circle.) You sponsor George. (Write “George in the lower circle and connect the circles with a line.) Now, if you leave and George doesn’t know what to do (because you haven’t taught him), then that’s the end of it.
But if you DO TEACH George how to sponsor, and he sponsors SARA (draw a third circle under George’s and write “SARA” in it), you are ONLY BEGINNING to duplicate yourself.
However, if George DOESN’T learn how to teach SARA to sponsor, then again it will Stop and that’s the end of it. You have to teach George HOW TO TEACH SARA how to sponsor. Then she can sponsor SALMA or whoever.
Now, you are THREE DEEP. If you go away (to work with someone else or to a different area of the country), this sub-group will have a higher probability to continue on. I emphasize: YOU HAVE TO GO THREE DEEP! You have nothing until you are three deep and only then are you can be DUPLICATED.
If you don’t communicate anything but this one point to the people you sponsor, then you will have the key that will make you more successful than most others in Network Marketing programs.
The Super-Salesperson Crash and Burn
Here’s what happens to the ―salespeople. They look at the testimonials of the results others have had with the products and the business opportunity.
Armed with this information, they just want you to get out of their way so they can go out and ―sell like crazy. Remember, they’re SALES-PEOPLE! They have been in the direct selling business and they don’t have any problem calling on strangers.
Great! So you say to your super-salesperson, ―If you want to make the BIG BUCKS, you cannot do it by yourself. You need to sponsor people.
So what does your salesperson do? He or she goes out and sponsors, sponsors, sponsors. Your super-salesperson will just sponsor up a storm. A good ―salesperson in a Network Marketing program can sponsor three or four people per week. But here is what really happens:
It gets to a point, and it doesn’t take long, that people are dropping out as fast as they are being added. If you don’t work with new people EFFECTIVELY (and you can’t be effective if you are trying to work with more than four or five at a time), you will see them becoming discouraged and giving up.
So your super-salesperson, being discouraged and a little bit impatient, doesn’t think anything is happening and goes off to look for something else to sell. The person who sponsored the super-salesperson, thinking this guy was going to make him rich, gets discouraged and also gives up.
Most people who have made it big in Network Marketing don’t have a sales background. They may not be TEACHERS professionally, but most of them come from backgrounds with an element of teaching in it. I know of one teacher who is making $15,000 a month, one Civil Engineer who, after only 24 months in a Network Marketing program, was earning in excess of $50,000 PER MONTH, A dentist with no sales background making over $55,000 a month in just first 2 years been in the business. They did it and are doing it by TEACHING OTHERS how to do it also.
Anyone can do it Big In network Marketing. You don’t need to have Sales Skills