Why many Sales People fail in Network Marketing, and Non Sales-type Make it BIG (Andre Abouzeid) PART-2

Its been estimated that around only 10% of people in the whole world are sales types people. They know how to sell, how to close and they have no fear of rejection hearing no, are tenacious and don’t have problem talking to others and referring big number to people to buy a product or a service. But these are the minority of the population.
And on the other hand there are 90% of people around the world are like me and many of you. They are not a sales type. They don’t know how to sell, they are scared of rejections and they don’t like to and don’t want to know how to sell.
Let’s put some numbers in the super- salesperson approach so we can see more clearly where he or she went wrong. We will assume that this person (George), being the super-salesperson, went out and sponsored 130 people. Let’s also say that these sales pro got each of them to sponsor five others, adding 650 more for a total of 780 in his or her organization. That sounds familiar, doesn’t it?
Ask your people this question when you show this to them: “Which do you feel you could do more quickly, sponsor five people who are serious and TEACH THEM HOW TO TEACH, or go out and sponsor 130 people?”
Incidentally, the question will come up, ―What do I teach them? The answer is: Step By Step Duplicatable system.
How long do you think it would take you to sponsor 130 people? How many of the first ones would be left when you sponsored number 130? You would find that you are losing them pretty fast. Yet you will discover the retention rate on the 780 in the Duplication System to be quite high.
Once you show this to a salesperson and they understand it, they will say, ―Aha! Now I see what I’ve got to do, and they will go out and do it.
If you understand the ―Salespeople Failure Syndrome, you can still encourage them, but at the same time stress the point of how IMPORTANT it is to take those first five they sponsored and HELP THEM GET STARTED.
Focusing on the “Bottom Line‟
Most people can relate to sponsoring one, two, or three more, but usually find it difficult to relate to the figures on the bottom line. (16, 81, 256, and 625)
So picture yourself in the last column, having had the time to sponsor five serious people into the program. The ―5 at the top of the column represent the ones you sponsored who want to get SERIOUS about building a business of their own. You may have to sponsor 10, 15 or 20 people to get these five serious business builders.
However, once you totally understand the Duplication System you will find that the people you sponsor will get serious QUICKER than people who come into organizations and don’t know this material.
Notice in figure (left side), that when you have sponsored five, and they have sponsored five, and so forth, right on down the line, you add all these (circled figures) up and you will have 780 serious people in your organization.

Commit to No More than Five

Consider the Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines and Coast Guard. From the lowest private up to the top brass, nobody has more than five or six people they are trying to DIRECTLY supervise. (There may be rare exceptions.) Think about it! Here we have military organizations with hundreds of years of experience and they don’t think anybody should supervise more than five or six people.
Knowing that, tell me why people get into a Network Marketing organization and think they can effectively work with 50 people in their front line. They CAN’T DO IT! That’s why a lot of them fail, and you’ll see why as you read on.
You shouldn’t try to work with more than five serious people at a time. However, make sure that when you sponsor them, you start working ―down-group. There is a point when they won’t need you and then can break away and start another line on their own. This will also free you up to work with yet another serious person, keeping your number of those that you are working closely with at five.
Some programs may allow you to be effective with only three or four at a time, but none that I know of can be effectively built with more than five.
This is What I am going to talk about in this model:
Literally you can build a big sales organisation that can make 100rds and 1000sands and millions of dollars in a month or a year in Network Marketing without being a sales type.
You can do that by practicing something that you and most people are doing every day without you realising that you are doing it, which is Conversationally Marketing of Opportunities, products, services etc…
The difference between Sales and Marketing.
Selling means make the sale, and close on the spot or as soon as possible, then move forward to another prospect or client.
Marketing is little more bringing the prospect to us. Is to Educate them about what is the opportunity about, how it can benefit them with Passion, Intensity and Urgency.
So once they see the benefits for themselves and for others, they automatically buy the products, automatically sell a lot of products without you being a super sales person.
So for the Sales type people joining your organization, you have to show them how to practice Selling in a Duplication Business, means your actions to demonstrate a path to success to 90% of non Sales type People.