Why most people will consider Network Marketing, by (Andre Abouzeid) -Ar

Most employed people follow  the 45 years plan , which is you go to school get good grades, accumulate enough savings so you can live comfortably until you die.
The other type of people are the small business owners, and experts like consultants, doctors, lawyers, and people in the same categories who are trading time for money.
Work = Money
Stop Working = Money Stops
The problem associated with most of those people is they have to be part of the equation to sustain the income generating formula. Once they stop working due to health issues, ageing or factors outside their control, they will suffer financially, unless if they have built savings or residual income generating mechanics that sustains their income long after they stop.
When you are living in the home of your choice with no mortgage payments,Driving the cars of your choice No Car payments, no credit card bills. in other words no debts to pay, And Have a $10,000 coming in every month, depending on the country you live in and the life standards, $10,000 in most countries is sufficient amount to live a comfortable life style without the need to borrow money. You won’t live the super rich life style but most people can be comfortable with 10K monthly to live adequate life and better of than most business people who have to keep on working hard to make such net income.
Now to make a passive $10,000 a month, means whether you are working or not , lets look at different available options now in the market place:
1. Banks: Depending in which country you are in most banks pay 1%, mostly average of 2% to 5% interest rates or even less, or can be Profit accumulation rates for Islamic banking. So for you to make a passive $10,000 a month, your minimum amount to be invested is $6,000,000.
In this current world instability chances to trust banks to pay you back what you expect are low. Watch whats going around the world, we are now facing global financial crises.
2. Real Estate: Most real estate return on investments (ROI) range between, 5% to 10% on an average which is more than the bank and in most politically stable countries sustains the value of your money, against inflation and currency fluctuation. If you really picked up the best ROI real estate investments you still need to invest at least $1,200,000 in order to maintain $10,000 monthly passive income. But more chance are that most real estate investments will produce 5% to Max 8% in this down world wide economy we are facing now.
3. Stocks, Bonds, Paper assets: Highly volatile and high risk, unreliable investments for your retirment.
SO now lets look into the Closest logical possibility which is 5% Most Guaranteed Retirement Plan:
So it takes $2,400,000 at 5% ROI (return on Investment), to give you and your family $10,000 Monthly Passive Income.
Cut this also into Half $1,200,000 to give you $5000 a month, Probably you can survive with $5000 a month in some developing countries.
How Many people do you know who could accumulate $2,400,000, $1,200,000 or even 600,000 by the time they retire?!
A person In Network Marketing in 2 to 5 years can build a consistent a Part Time income of $5000, $10,000 to $20,000 and even much much more a month. In which you won’t be able to accumulate in any other business model or investment and live the lifestyle better than most millionaires doing other businesses.
That’s one of the major reasons this type of business model will be considered by most people, as a back up plan, or Alternative career option.
To your success,