In every group of people, a few will retire young, rich and worry-free. A few more will work hard and long, but finally retire in comfort. Most, however, will slog through 45 years of life in the rat race trading time for money, only to end up their golden years on half or less than what they use to earn, even in some countries they end up with nothing, after they reach to an age they cannot be active anymore.

What separates these groups? And what are the secrets possessed by those in the first one? How do they get so wealthy, so fast? And what can someone do to ensure that they end up in this group? Its an intriguing question . . .
One I feel eminently qualified to answer. For not only do I belong to this first group, but I’ve also helped thousands more to join it.
Make no mistake, however . . .
I’m not referring to captains of industry, the market traders, or the real estate tycoons. For while these people have amassed great monetary wealth and they don’t retire early, and they certainly do not appear to be worry free. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. They’re winning the rat race, but they’re living like rats. if they stop working they stop earning. Or worst they can’t have a long vacation worry free.
The group I’m referring to is a new breed of entrepreneur is the individual who has built walk-away residual income. Income that you build once and keeps on coming long after you stop. One that showers them with rewards, whether they remain working, or choose to spend their days on a tropical beach, with their toes in the sand, without any worry of what’s going on with their business.
The parallels of how these people reached this success are intriguing indeed…
You might think they attained their status through higher education, but this is not necessarily the case.
offer them the opportunity to trade more time for more money. As a result, they put their spouse or partner to work, which of course is still not enough.
So they take a second job. And sometimes, so does their spouse. The result is three- and four- income families are desperately trying to trade more time for more money. So no one’s raising the kids. They learn their lessons from the television. They need mom and dad, but they’re out working simply trying to provide a good life for their children. It’s a vicious cycle.
And a very foolish one . . . Because as long as you play the trading time for money game, you can never reach true financial security. The people in my group have discovered that attaining true economic freedom requires that you employ two basic prosperity principles:
. 1) You must employ the concept of leverage to escape the trading-time- for-money dilemma;
. 2) You must be able to look in the mirror every morning and know you’re talking to the boss.
Once you have an understanding of these two principles and actively apply them in your life your prosperity is assured.
And you can drive it. To do so, you have to do two things.
First, you must commit yourself to one day escaping the modern-day slavery of a regular end of the month paycheck. You must become the creator of your own destiny. And second, you must affiliate yourself with a solid network marketing company.
Network Marketing (sometimes called Multi- Level Marketing, or MLM for short) is one of the strongest growth industries in the world. It’s practiced today the United States and more than 80 countries and territories around the globe. Millions of independent distributors, independent representatives or independent business owners produce an annual volume estimated at more than 80 billion dollars. Network Marketing perfectly utilizes J. Paul Getty’s three secrets for wealth:
1) Get a product everyone needs.
2) Duplicate yourself.
3) Be self-employed.
Why should you get involved with Network Marketing? There are probably as many answers . Usually though, it comes down to the lifestyle networking can give you. Some of the unique benefits of this business include:
Choosing the people you work with;
Going into business with a very small investment;
Working from home;
Picking the hours you want to work;
Discovering unique products not available elsewhere;
Reaping the rewards of numerous tax advantages;
Enjoying the opportunity for an unlimited income; and, Having the chance to build your success while empowering others to succeed. You can sum it up as ffreedom from the rat race.
The benefits we discussed are just not available anywhere else. Most people accept this to be true of working for someone else. But they mistakenly believe that having their own traditional business will give them these benefits. As a former business owner, I can personally attest that in many ways that owning a traditional business can be more limiting than working for somebody!
Because of things like employee turnover, inventories, large investments, government regulation and market competition, you often work longer hours for less money than you pay your employees. You don’t really own a small business, the small business owns you!
People today are fed up with out-of- balance work situations that rob them of their family life. And they’re tired of merger mania, leveraged buyouts, and layoffs. Today they demand rewarding work situations, balance, and quality time with their loved ones. Which is exactly where Network Marketing comes in . . .
Because in Network Marketing, unlike the corporate world, you never get ahead by holding others back. The road to success in Network Marketing is traveled by empowering others. You cannot be successful without helping others to be successful. In fact, the more people you help, the more successful you become.
If you’re looking to get rich quick, Network Marketing is really not for you. However, if you’re willing to work hard, on a part-time basis for two to five years and you really can build lifetime financial security. The flexible hours make it a perfect business to start while you keep your current job, even if you’re a student or a housewife with children.
Network Marketing has emerged as the last real chance in the free enterprise system for the average person without large capital to become financially free. It is helping yourself by helping others.

Author: achiever_admin

Andre Abouzeid is an entrepreneur, direct-selling professional, real estate investor, trainer, and author. His motivational story of rising from an employee earning a minimum wage to a self-made entrepreneur will inspire you to want to change your life. For more than 20 years, Andre Abouzeid has been helping people transform self-limiting beliefs into self-fulfilling breakthroughs to achieve their dreams. Andre has been helping people become successful and built an organization of over 8 Million distributors and Independent Business Owners globally. He also created a huge mixed portfolio of real estate investment properties: Residential and Commercial in different countries. He has created Entrepreneurship and Wealth Building Resources on Direct Selling, Entrepreneurship and Investments, that helps you and your people overcome challenges he has been through, helping you avoid the painful mistakes he had undergone and learn valuable lessons from taking high risks and from being down, into rising up by turning challenges into victories.